How to fix “Anticheat connection failed” error in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from tarkov is online multiplayer video game. It is the first shooting game when we take hardcore and realistic RPG and simulator. It contains MMO features and story driven gameplay these two things will improve your gaming experience. But now many players were facing this issue “Anticheat connection failed error” in escape from tarkov. Also solved for outriders chcek it. ok fine here let us see how to fix “Anticheat connection failed” error in Escape from Tarkov

We got report from the player that they lost their connection issue in this game escape from tarkov due to this anti-cheat loading failed error. We will tell you some of the possible and workout methods

Running your game as an administrator

We have noticed that many of the players were not running their game executable file as administrator this was the reason that anti cheat system is not running properly not only also it causes crashing, not launching the game, not connecting to server etc. we recommend you to run your game as administrator here we tell you how to do

How to fix “Anticheat connection failed” error in Escape from Tarkov
  • Before starting the process close your game completely also check if it is running in background clear everything then open task manager and end the task
  • Next open file explorer and then go to drive from where you have installed this escape from tarkov game.
  • Your default installation path should be c:/Battlestate Games/EFT(live)
  • Then you have to right click on the game escapefromTarkov.exe file and then select properties
  • Then click on compatibility tab and then enable for checkbox run this program as run this program as an administrator
  • Finally click on apply and then ok

Updating your game

 This is also an effective method let us see how to do

How to fix “Anticheat connection failed” error in Escape from Tarkov
  • At first open stream client on your pc
  • Then click on library and then click on escape from tarkov where you can see in left pane
  • Also check for any updates available if available quickly click for update and start playing your game

Updating stream launcher

Also problem causes when you not updating your stream let us see how to update

  • Before starting make sure no program should run in background
  • We tell you how to cross check just click on the system tray icon and then right click on stream icon
  • Then click on exit it will close the task also press ctrl + shift + esc keys together it will open task manager and then go to process then click on escapefromtarkov and then select end task to close
  • After done open stream client in your pc and it will automatically look for any stream updates you find any then click for install
  • Finally done

Verifying and repairing game files

If your game not running or it is failed to access anticheat program then it shows that there is some error with the installed game files. Here we tell you how to verify and repair your game files

  • At first open stream client then click on library
  • Next right click on escape from tarkov and click on properties.
  • Next you have to click on local files tab then click on verify integrity of game files
How to fix “Anticheat connection failed” error in Escape from Tarkov
  • Now wait until the process completed after done restart your pc

Disabling window firewall and antivirus program

By disabling disable both your firewall and antivirus program we can make your pc to run smoothly temporarily

  • At first click on start menu and then type firewall
  • Next from your search result select windows defender firewall
  • Then go to turn windows defender firewall on or off where you can see in left pane
  • Now you can see new window you have to click on turn off windows defender firewall which is not recommended for public and private networks setting
  • Finally done restart your pc

At the same time you have to turn off the windows security protection in your pc we tell you how

  • At first press window + I it will open for window settings
  • Next click on update &security and then select window security where you can see in left pane
  • Then click on open window security and then go to virus &threat protection
  • Next click on manage settings there turn off the real time protection toggle
  • If prompt by UAC , click for yes it will apply changes

Updating device drivers

By updating your device drivers will almost solve your issue you can also visit to these website NVIDIA or AMD or INTEL. There you will get latest version according to your model or even you can try using some third party driver update software but keep remember that these third party app will make your data release or some issue

Restarting your router/modem

If nothing method work for you still receiving the error “anticheat server connection lost” or “anticheat connection failed error “ also check your network connection simply restart your Wi-Fi router or modem

Using a VPN

By using VPN (Virtual Private Network) if you can’t able to connect to the server then it will allow you to select the other different region which will be useful for you. VPN can be used for free or also for subscription it is your choice

Reinstalling battle eye

This is a last method you can go for we tell you how to do

How to fix “Anticheat connection failed” error in Escape from Tarkov
  • Before starting the process exit from the game and launcher
  • Now go to game installation folder there delete both the battleeye folder and escape from tarkov_BE application file
  • Next you have to open battlestate game launcher and then select integrity check escape from tarkov
  • You have to wait until process get completed and again go back to game installation folder
  • Now open battleEye folder and then double click on install_BattleEye.bat file
  • Finally done check if error continuous


we hope now you have learned about how to fix “Anticheat connection failed” error in Escape from Tarkov

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