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How To Find My Mac Address in Windows, MacOS and iOS

Mac address contains 12 alphanumeric characters that are that are arranged in two groups with divider like a colon or hyphen. To identify your device on network interface it has 48 bit value with twelve hexadecimal characters. Mostly devices like computer, mobile phone will have multiple network adapter and multiple mac address.

What is a MAC Address

By using mac address you can also find different types of connected or blacklist device. if you know your mac address of your device you can see device name.

How to find my MAC Address in windows

Here we will tell you to how to find mac address window

Method : 1 network properties

  • At first click on Wi-Fi icon from the taskbar/system tray
  • Next click on properties from your connected network
  • Now scroll down where you can see your physical address of your computer Wi-Fi
How To Find My Mac Address in Windows, MacOS and iOS
  • Note down your physical address it is very important

Tips : mac address will be relevant for that device which connected with network but mobile mac address will different even it is connected from the same network.

Method : 2 command prompt

  • At first click on start menu and type cmd
  • You can see command prompt right click on it and select run as administrator.
  • Next click on yes if prompted by UAC
  • Now your command prompt window open you have to copy paste the following command then click on enter
  • Now you can see different types of network configuration and details that you were connected
  • Under the wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi option you can see your physical address
  • Finally that is your mac address of your pc

How to find my MAC address in macOS (mac os x)

If you are using apple mac then follow us by given steps

  • At first open apple menu and select system preference
How To Find My Mac Address in Windows, MacOS and iOS
  • Next select network and click on Wi-Fi then go to advanced
  • Next click on Wi-Fi tab
  • There you can see your mac address finally you have find your mac address

How to find my mac address in ios

If you are using apple iphone and you want to find your Wi-Fi mac address then here steps for you.

  • At first on your iphone or ipad click on settings menu
  • Next go to general and click on about
  • Now scroll down where you can see your Wi-Fi address
  • Finally you have found note it down


MAC stands for Media Access Control Address it is used to identify your network interface controller. Mostly MAC address used technology is IEEE 802 it has a complete record of your device like IMEI , serial number etc. This mac address is mainly used find network device which are connected to internet. But we use device name to find connected device but mac address will give you more perfect.  

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