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VLC Dark Mode – How to Enable it on Smartphone & PC

One of the cool structures approximately VLC for Android is the capacity for you to select the line and make it dark or light conferring to your preference. The options permit you to change to a dark mode that is on all the time and there is also a day and night mode. The day and night mode changes between light and dark themes automatically, liable on the time. It is a great feature if you are by means of this player around the clock. Night owls will search  it useful when they are managing the app through night time.

How to Enable VLC Dark Mode?

The steps to usage the VLC dark mode on smartphone and PC differs. Thus, you should skip to the particular section.

On Smartphone

Presently, only Android users could enable dark mode on the VLC app. You could not activate VLC dark mode settings on the iOS version of the VLC app. But , you could switch on the system-wide dark mode on iPhone or iPad for a darker theme on the media player.

Step 1 :  On the home screen of Android,  visit the Apps section.

 Step 2 : Swipe up to pick on the VLC media player logo.

Step 3:  On its home screen, push the Menu icon (three horizontal lines).

How to Enable VLC Dark Mode

Step 4 : You should want  to select the Settings option with a gear icon.

Step 5 :  Switch  to the Extra Settings section to pick on Interface.

How to Enable VLC Dark Mode

Step 6 :  Here, pick the DayNight mode option.

How to Enable VLC Dark Mode

Step 7 : On the pop-up, choose the Black theme, and this would enable the dark mode on the VLC player.

Alternative: If your device runs on Android 8 and above your head, enable dark mode on Android device and select Followpc system mode on the VLC app. It would follow your Android settings.

On PC Windows & Mac

Whether you are by means of VLC on Windows or Mac, you could change the default skin to the dark theme. The ensuing steps will guide you better.

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Download any dark skin by staying from the official website of the VLC player. ( For example, pick Dark Vlc and go for on the Download link to download it as a .vlt skin file.

Step 1 : Open VLC media player on your Mac or Windows.

Step 2 : Pick on Tools options accessible on the menu bar of the player.

Step 3 : On the expanded menu, select Preferences to open the Simple Preferences window.

Step 4 : Tick on Interface option at the top to choose Use custom skin option under Interface Settings.

Use Custom Skin

Step 5 : Hit on Choose to browse the location in which the eDark Vlc.vlt skin file is protected.

Step 6 : To conclude, pick on the Save button and exit the VLC player on your PC.

Step 7 : Reopen the player, and it would be updated with the dark skin.

Note: If the above-stated steps look to be time-consuming, you could use the system-wide dark mode on Windows and dark mode on Mac.

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Our Opinion

Through default, the dark mode on VLC would not be allowed automatically. But, you could turn it on at your suitability or as soon as compulsory.

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