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How to enable dark mode on google app

Enable dark mode on google app is one of the topmost brilliant and amazing company in this whole world. It was founded by Sundar Pichai, who is also the CEO of Google. Google is a collection or a bundle all the features or the things that you wish to have or need. Be it maps, document editor, video conferencing, etc. Google has it all.

The search engine in Google is one of the best things in the world. It is used by almost all of the people in the world. Many organizations also use Google for development. Many students use Google for studying, and so on. The Mail features, classroom, etc, are some to be noted here.


Some of the features of Google are as follows:

  • It is a safe and trusted platform for storage
  • It is free of cost and requires no additional cost
  • You can also use your Google Drive account as a backup for your files and other information in your computer
  • Google Drive allows you to store 15 GB of data for free
  • You can work offline and need not worry if you do not have an internet connection in your area or wherever you are for that matter
  • You can also use Google Hangouts for normal message texting and chatting with your friends
  • There is also an option to record your meetings for future use
  • You can also choose the type of presenter view that will appear on the screen


Dark mode is the mode where you will be able to see texts lighter against a darker background. This will help your eyes to relax, especially when you are working at nights. It lessens the strain caused to the eyes when all other lights in the room that you are in are switched off.

Enabling the darkmode option in your device is a good and a healthier choice for your eye’s health and reduce the impact of the harmful rays (blue light) that emerges from your computer screen or your mobile phone. This will also help you to get good and sound sleep at nights and relax.

If you wish to use and enable the darkmode feature in your Google app, please follow these simple and easy steps as written below

How to enable dark mode on google app IN ANDROID

  • Remember to check if you are using your mobile phone that has an Android version of 5 and above
  • Now, click on the Google Chrome app on your Mobile phone
  • On the top right corner of your screen, click on the three-dot icon
  • Next, click on Settings, and then click on Themes
  • Now, choose the theme that you would like to use
  • From the options, click on Dark theme

Enable dark mode on google app IN WINDOWS

  • Google App does not have an in-built feature to use the dark mode
  • You will have to change the settings in your computer itself
  • Click on the Start (Windows) icon
  • Select Settings – Personalization
  • In the list of options that show up, click on Colours
  • Now, choose the option as ‘Dark’ under the ‘Choose your default app mode’
  • Now go to Google Chrome and the page will be in dark

Enable dark mode on google app IN IPHONE

  • Google App does not have an in-built feature to use the dark mode
  • You will have to change the settings in your mobile phone first
  • Go to Settings
  • Then, select Display and Brightness
  • From the 2 options, select Dark
  • Now go to Google app and you will be able to see the page in a dark colour


Google is one of the best platforms for storing information and files, sharing your documents with your friends and also working together at the same time as that of your teammates.

I have been using Google since my school days and I love this application so much that I cannot work without this. I assure that this is the best platform to work with. If you have not started working with Google yet, I suggest you to try these amazing and wonderful features right now. You will also start loving these.

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