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How to dual boot windows and linux

Windows is an operating system that is developed and launched by Microsoft. Most of us would be using a Windows operating system at our homes. It is usually considered as an easy to use and a very interactive operating system (OS) that we are comfortable with. It is very secure, reliable and efficient to use.


This article will help you to understand what is dual boot and how do you dual boot Windows and Linux. Please follows the instructions:

How to dual boot windows and linux
  • Dual boot means you can opt to login into Linux or Windows when you start your system
  • Before we begin, please make sure that you have a computer pre-installed with Windows 10, a good internet connection. Please make sure to back up your Windows data to an external drive
  • So, the first thing you will do is to download Ubuntu ISO
  • Google it and download the Ubuntu Desktop
  • After this is downloaded, we will have to use a tool called Etcher to make live USB
  • Google it and download for Windows desktop
  • Once the download completes, just plug in your USB and format it
  • In the meanwhile, please make some free space on your Windows, so that you can download Ubuntu
  • Apart from this, you also have a calculator that could help you in your business or academic works
  • You could also link your mobile phone to the computer and have access to the photos in your mobile right into your computer. Also, you could send web pages directly to your computer from your phone

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Some of the wonderful features that Windows offers is that:

  • This is the world’s most popular OS
  • The most common things that you use can be accessed easily with the click of the Start button
  • It a single OS that can run on desktop, notebooks, tablets, smartphones and Xbox.
  • single store where you can download any apps from it.
  • virtual assistant built into the OS called the Cortana
  • It has an Action Centre on the bottom right corner that gives you the notifications regarding the emails, Facebook likes and Twitter mentions, etc.
  • It is very easy to work with it, and does not require much knowledge about computers
  • Once you click the Start menu, you will have navigations to different universal apps, in the form of tiles, in the right portion.

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I have been using the Windows OS since my childhood age and I just love the updates they do to improvise their features. I strongly recommend and guarantee you all to have this Windows 10 OS as it one of the best OSs in the world. Also, their customer support is wonderful. In case you are stuck up with some issues, you do not need to worry. You can just email them or call their customer support. They will provide you detailed instructions as to how to fix the issue. Even if issues need them viewing your computer screen, they can also remotely access your computer through a screen share. Also, the option to have phone assistance is available. They are always at our service and very friendly too.

Though there are many other operating systems in this world, such as Mac Linux, etc. I would personally recommend you all to go with Windows as it is very user friendly and safe.

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