How to directly transfer icloud photos to google photos

For icloud users apple has introduced a new feature that is now icloud users can transfer their image and video files from icloud storage to google photos directly. You can send only files which was stored in icloud storage transferred by using user’s apple ID. Now all icloud users were trying to transfer their files to their google account storage here we tell you how. One thing you have to keep remember that to transfer your files only google photo service will be supported. But in upcoming days users were suggesting us to support for dropbox and all services.

Before starting the process make sure that you done all these things right. At first you have to enable icloud photos for your photos and videos. here we will tell you how go to settings then profile then icloud then you have to turn on toggle for icloud photos.

Second thing is you have to enable for two factor authentication, we tell you how to do just go to settings app then profile then password & security then two – factor authentication and now turn on toggle.

Third thing is you have to check your google account which has enough storage. Every google account has default 15 GB of free storage and it is common for all services like gmail, google drive, google photos, etc. the transfer process is only will done if you have enough storage in your google account.

Things to keep remember

Before going into transfer process things to keep remember for icloud users

  • This google service has supported for following formats like .jpg, .png, .webp, some raw files, .mpg, .mod, .mmv, .tod, .m2t, .mts, .mkv, wmv, .asf, .avi, .divx, .mov, .m4v, .3gp, .3g2, .mp4 etc where apple support page reads “ only content stored in icloud photos is transferred”
  • Here duplicate photos were copied and transferred as single file
How to directly transfer icloud photos to google photos
  • If you were edited any one photos then that last edited one will be transfred not the original one
  • Always apple only will keep a copy of every photo and video files before sending to google photos. Each and every file that are transferred to google account will start with “ copy of “
How to directly transfer icloud photos to google photos
  • Even though some of the files which you can’t able to transfer are live photos, photo stream, smart album, shared album etc and some raw files
  • We have already know that every google account has 15 GB free storage so if you store over load in your goole account then your process will not be finished completely. Some file will be transferred and some will transfer after storage runs out
How to directly transfer icloud photos to google photos
  • When the process has started then you have planned to add new photos or the delete the current one these change will not reflect in your google account

Now here we were going to see about how user can transfer the file from icloud to google photos

  • At first you have to open your web browser and search for apple’s data and privacy page
  • Next by using your login credentials you have to sign in with your apple id
  • Then click on “ request to transfer a copy of your data” where you can see under the transfer copy of your data section
  • Now choose the option “ choose where you would like to transfer your photos” and then choose google photos from the drop down menu
  • Now you have to choose which file that you were going to transfer either photos or videos.
  • Next click on continue now apple will ask you that you have minimum storage in your google account to transfer your files.
  • Then on the next page you have to login your google account by using login credentials
  •  Next click for allow it will allow apple to add your files in your google photos library
  • Finally click on confirm transfer
  • Now on your screen it will show message that transfer process will take three to five days when the process is completed the apple will send you confirmation message to your email address

To know your transfer process status keep visiting apple’s data and privacy page. Normally apple takes to complete 5 days. Mainly the purpose of this tool is to transferring files but it is only available in few countries like Australia, Canada, European union, Iceland, united kingdom, Switzerland, new Zealand, Liechtenstein, united states. If you are located in other country then you can able to see options like copy data, correct your data, deactivate your account, deleting account on apple data and privacy page


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