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How to Delete Voice Recordings

In the Independent, in Google voice search records and keeps conversations people have around their phones but you can delete the files, it is explained how Google records and records a lot of conversations that users have or have had in recent years near some of its products, the case of the search engine. which has long incorporated voice search – or Android phones with Google Voice.

The recording usually corresponds to the use of the voice search feature on Google or the use of the Android voice assistant.

The Google Voice and Audio Activity page let you know which audio and voice inputs you have sent to Google as part of the access to Google’s history of its users. On that same page, you can listen to the audio files (and check that it starts to “listen” before saying “ok, Google”) and whoever wants it can also erase those audios. Other recordings may correspond to other Google services with automatic recording activation, according to The Independent.

If you access the history, it is a good opportunity to review the security of your account, just as Google suggests doing as part of the configuration and access control. In theory, apart from Google, the history of each is personal information.

Using Google Assistant using voice commands is perhaps the most common method to activate it. To improve the voice model, Assistant saves those recordings, so we show you how you can delete them if your privacy concerns you.

How to delete voice recordings from Google Assistant

You can see the activity associated with voice and audio from your Google account, in Data and personalization> Voice and audio activity. From the Manage activity section, we will have access to voice inputs organized by date.

How to Delete Voice Recordings

It is possible to delete recordings separately or all at once. In the first case, click on the More menu of each fragment and then on Delete. To get rid of all the audio recordings, we must click on the More menu on the right and later on Delete activity by. In “Delete by date” we will always select. Finally, click on Delete.

If you want to delete audio recordings from Android, you will have to open Settings> Google> Google Account, then we will go to Data and personalization> My Activity> Filter by date and product. From there we will be able to remove specific fragments or all recordings.

How to delete a Mac voice memo

In the Mac Voice Notes app, select the recording you want to remove from the sidebar.

  • Select [Edit]> [Delete] or press [Delete].
  • If you have a trackpad or Magic Mouse, slide two fingers to the left and select Delete.
  • Unless you have set the deleted recordings settings to be deleted immediately, they are available for a period of time in the Recently Deleted folder in the sidebar. When a deleted recording is permanently deleted, it will be signed in with the same Apple ID and removed from all devices that have the Voice Memos app enabled in your iCloud settings.

How to delete Cortana voice history from Microsoft account

Microsoft provides a privacy panel so that you can remove any audio data that your company may have. Microsoft said in a statement to the media that it “keeps transparency” about the collection and use of audio data, and “makes customers more informed.”

How to Delete Voice Recordings
  • Go to the Voice part of the Microsoft Privacy Panel
  • Log in your account
  • Scroll down to Voice Activity, From the Activity tab on the Privacy page
  • Click View and delete voice activity.
  • Filter the data type to the right to see the data activity.
  • Press the delete button to delete the audio data.
  • Next, go to the Cortana Notebook tab on the privacy page
  • Check your movement and press the “Delete” button to delete Cortana data

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