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How to Delete Tinder Account [Simple Guide with Images]

Tinder – Match, Chat, Date, Your Procedures. It is one of the most managed dating apps in the 21st century. The app has create a revolution and modified the methods people date. The app simplified the methods of dating by just swiping left and right. Then when you use Tinder for a very big time, you would get to swipe frequent accounts again and again. That is why a several of people reset their Tinder account to get new matches. If you need to reset your Tinder account and create a fresh start to your Tinder life, this is what you famine to do. To start with, you must know that, in Tinder, there is no distinct option to reset your account, as an alternative you must remove your Tinder account and type a new profile.

You have your personal details for deleting or resetting your Tinder account. It might be that you hate Tinder, or then you had found a successful match and no longer need the app, or you just want to use the app another time from the scratch, or you are shadow excluded from the app, account existence lazy for a long period, etc.

Pros and Cons of Deleting your Tinder Account

As soon as you open a new Tinder account afterwards the delete and restore process, you resolve get original profiles to match with.

If you have a Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold subscription, it would be lost with your old account. You could not  renew it.

You could only use your phone number after three months of deleting your account. If you want to make a new account inside three months, you have to use alternative numbers (Virtual Phone numbers won’t work on Tinder).

If you use the same Facebook account on your new Tinder, you might not get new matches.

How to Delete [Reset] Tinder Account

Step(1) To start the Tinder app on your smartphone.

Step (2) Sign in if asked. Pick the Profile icon on the top left corner.

Step (3) Hit on the Settings option.

How to Delete Tinder Account

Step (4) Swipe down and pick on Delete Account option.

Step (5) Two options would appear. Pause My Account and Delete My Account. Hit on the Delete My Account option.

Step (6) Require the reason for deleting the account.

How to Delete Tinder Account

Step (7) On the Congratulations! pop-up, pick the DELETE MY ACCOUNT option.

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How to Delete Facebook account with Tinder Account

At this point, you indifferent the account only moderately. Until, you need to remove the Facebook account associated with your Tinder account. If you had used your Facebook account at the time of creating the Tinder account, these steps are important.

Step(1) To start the Facebook app or go to the Facebook website.

Step(2) Tap the Settings & Privacy and select Apps and Websites option.

Step (3) The Tinder application would appear. Hit on it and click the Remove button.

Step (4) If any verification screen appears, pick the Remove button to delete the Tinder account from your Facebook account.

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At this point, you have fully reset your Tinder account. If you need to make a new Tinder account, to begin the app and use your phone number or new Facebook account to make a new Tinder account. Once creating a new account, manage a new profile picture, various bio from your old one.

This is the only way that you can use to reset your Tinder account. If you won’t remove the Tinder application from your Facebook, your account will stay active. Make sure that you have completed all the steps discussed above. If you have any doubts about the Tinder app, tell us in the comments section.

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