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How to Delete a YouTube Video in 2 Different Ways

Generally, a YouTube channel is not a cakewalk. You have to stable upload latest videos to entertain your subscribers and to get new subscribers. Once doing so, you would upload a incorrect video on YouTube. In those situations, you want to know how to remove a YouTube video. If you are latest l to YouTube and you are opening a new YouTube channel, the UI and features might look new to you. 

Ways to Delete a YouTube Video

There are two methods to delete a video from YouTube.

  • Using PCs
  • Using Smartphones

How to Delete a YouTube Video using PC?

Step(1) To start some of the web browsers you have on your PC and visit the YouTube website.

Step(2) Sign in with your account if requested.

Step(3) Here, pick your Profile icon on the top right of the screen.

Step(4) On your Profile page, pick the YOUTUBE STUDIO button.

Step(5) It would open your Channel dashboard page. Pick the Videos icon on the left side of the screen.

How to Delete a YouTube Video

Step(6) Remain the mouse pointer to the video that you need to delete. The three-dotted icon will appear. Hit on it.

Step(7) A list of options would appear. Pick on the Delete option.

Step(8) On the verification screen, pick the DELETE VIDEO button.

Note: This process is managed to delete videos one by one. If you need to delete all videos on your Channel, before delete your Youtube Channel entirely.

How to Delete a YouTube Video using the smartphone app?

The steps to delete videos on YouTube is the same for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Step(1) To start the YouTube application on your smartphone.

Step(2) Hit on the Profile icon on the top right corner.

Step(3) On your Profile page, pick the Your Channel option.

Step(4) Your Channel dashboard would appear. Pick the VIDEOS tab on top of the screen.

Step(5) All your uploaded videos would appear. Pick the three-dotted icon corresponds to the video that you need to delete.

Step(6) On the list of options, pick the Delete option.

Step(7) pick the OK button on the verification pop-up.

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What happens when you Delete Videos from YouTube

Though you delete a video on YouTube, there is no methods that you could recover it. Ensure that you are having the backup of your removed video.

If the deleted video is embedded in a website or the video link is accessible, it would show “Video not found” warning.

The likes, comments, and shares links with the deleted video will be deleted. If you upload the same video again, the like, comments and share would start from the beginning.

The watch time of the video would still be inserted to the Total hours of view reports.

These are two various methods to delete videos from YouTube. Though you upload a wrong video on YouTube channel, delete the video without any difficulties. 

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