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How to Delete a Contact on Skype in 3 Easy Ways

Skype is an popular means of communication service that develop you interact with someone from all over the globe It permits you to create voice and video calls to your contacts and also chat with them managing text messages as well. One of the significant features of Skype is that it permits you to call a phone number (non-skype users) as well. In order to message anyone on Skype, you have to add them as a contact on Skype. After inserting someone on Skype, you could keep them on your contact list or delete them if the chat is ended. Like inserting anyone, you could easily delete a contact on Skype.

Distinct other apps, there is a trash option obtainable to store your deleted contacts. While contact is deleted, they would not get any notification but they would not be able to chat with you.

How to Delete a Contact on Skype?

You could easily remove or delete a contact on Skype managing Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and other devices as well.

  • Delete or Remove Skype contact from Mobile App.
  • Delete or Remove Skype contact from Computer.

How to Delete or Remove a Skype contact from Mobile App?

Step(1) To start the Skype app on your Android or iOS mobile devices.

Step(2) ensure the app is signed in with your Skype account.

How to Delete a Contact on Skype

Step(3) Afterwards hit on the Contacts tab at the bottom of the home screen.

Step(4) Remain to the search bar and enter the name or number of the person whom you want to remove.

How to Delete a Contact on Skype

Step(5) push and hold the Name on the person.

Step(6) pick on the “Delete Contact” option.

Step(7) Next hit on “Delete Contact” to delete the contact on your Skype.

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How to Remove a Contact on Skype on PC (Windows/Mac)?

Step(1) Instantly,  to start the Skype app on your Windows or Mac computer.

Step(2) pick the Contacts tab on the left side bar.

Step(3) Search the Name of the person and Right pick on it and select View Profile option.

Step(4) Here choose Remove from Contact list.

Step(5) A popup would appear on the screen, pick Remove to delete the contact from Skype.

With the above ways, you could easily delete a contact on Skype. Another, you could block anyone on Skype if they are annoying you.

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How to Remove Skype Contacts from Profile Visibility List

General, the above ways, you could delete contacts directly from the Profile visibility list. This way would work on all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and other devices as well.

Step(1) To begin, Skype on your device.

Step(2) Pick on your Profile Picture.

Step(3) Afterwards, choose Settings from list of options.

Step(4) Below Settings, choose Contacts option.

Step(5) Here select Privacy -> View List option.

It would take you to the Profile Visibility list with all your contacts. Now search the name of a person you wish to delete.

Step(6) Pick on the Three dot icon and choose Delete contact option.

The contact would get deleted on your Skype app.

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Our Opinion

By ensuing the above way, you could remove a contact from Skype. If you do not need to remove a person, you could block them. Next, removing a person, they will not be capable to message you still you accept their ask.

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