How to Customize the Google TV Home Screen?

Google is now trying to achieve best in android tv platform. If you are buying latest chromecast dongle for your tv additionally you will get google tv UI which run top of it. By using this UI they were making some definite changes. But you are not having google tv UI running on your smart tv here we tell you some points to do to improve the benefit of this new update.

First when you open google tv you will see home screen right you can also customize your home screen to get smart recommendation from the apps like Netflix, you tube, prime video etc. Here we tell you how to customize your home screen as per your wish

Before starting the process you have to update all your apps for that take your remote and click on assistant button and say “open google play store” Now your play store “will open there update all your application. After updating your apps then go for these below procedure

How to Customize the Google TV Home Screen
  • On your google tv open profile and select settings
  • Next open “accounts and sign in” and go into your account
  • Now open “your services “ tab go there
  • Where you can see all the apps like Netflix, amazon prime, hulu etc now enable the toggle it will show you google tv suggest card and some recommendations for streaming from these apps on your google tv home screen
How to Customize the Google TV Home Screen
  • Next go back to account page and disable for “apps only mod” toggle this will allow google to send recommendation directly on your google home screen and it will not flow up your home screen
  • You can also change this home screen application arrangement by just drag and drop the app to where the location that you want to keep
How to Customize the Google TV Home Screen

It is very simple to customize google tv home screen but we can’t able to customize interface it is static but no longer times it might be changed

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