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How To Create on 2021 guide

The is a work operating system where users can work, create and manage team projects. It is simple and creative platform specially designed for working purpose. Here you can perform actions like manage shift, adding your project members, collaboration and communication etc. There will be no need to add email threads, urgent meeting etc. there are several apps available for work like clubhouseroom

If you created your project board on with your complete details then it will be more useful for you and your team mates. Here I will tell you steps how to create a form on

How to create on 2021 guide

It is very simple that everyone can fill and submit your form. This form contains different types of columns like long text, short text, number, status, dates, rating, file, phone, email, drop down, checkbox, location, timeline, country etc. here dropdown contains different  sections like number of items , works. Follow given step procedure

Step01 – create a project board

First you have to logging in or sign in for you account next you have to create a project name and build board for a project according to your work base. After completed you have to create a form which is inside the board base on the columns that you insert. Each and every time you submit a form will create new items by itself automatically.

How to create a form on /2021 guide

Step02 – Enable forms view on board

On your board interface you can see +add view option click on it and now select your form from the list for that click on go to form button

Step03 – customize your form

Here you can customize your form what you want to do is adding logo, description field, name, status, date, priority, time estimation, feedback area etc also check that you created form will be visible to your audience or who you will send your form. Also if are using pro account then you can even hide your account at the bottom in your form. Now click on cogwheel which is located at the top right corner to open this from settings -> under form branding click on hide logos now your will be hidden you can customize as you wish. Also mark important needs.

And also see option to represent your form as survey to do select present as survey option you can see from settings menu. Before publishing you can click on preview and check your form once again. Once you think all set then you can share ,copy or embed code.  


I hope the above given information will give you more information

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