How to create automatically graded google forms

In this pandemic year it to not possible to conduct exams in schools and college so we have only one way which is to conduct all exams on online. It is not easy to conduct exams in online because student syllabus is very huge. Here we going to see how to create automatically graded google forms

Creating a self- grading quiz

  • At first go to google drive and you have to login with your google account
  • You are using for the first time then click on the new button where you can see in top left corner in your screen and then go to google forms
  • You can use anything template or opening an empty google form and you can design it like a quiz. Simple work is using template also you can able to see other customization settings for the quiz
  • If you have decided to use template then you have to click for “ > “ icon where you can see in next to google forms. There you can able to see two options which are blank form and from a template. You have to click on “from a template” and then just scroll through the template gallery and then select “education” next click on “ blank quiz”
  • There is also available for options where you can do some additional settings for your students then you have to click on the “settings( gear)” after you have clicked on google forums,  next go to “quizzes” tab and turn on toggle “ make this a quiz”
  • additionally you can select options for your students like to see their grades quickly after submission also you can able to see a checkbox this options will allow your students to check their missed questions, correct answers and some point values of questions by clicking on their appropriate checkbox
  • After done you have to go back to google form and then type your questions in this quiz google form. Next to it you can able to see drop down menu there you can select your format like “multiple choice or checkbox or drop-down answers only these three formats were allowed to work.
  • If you have selected for multiple choice then you can only enter three or four answers for your question
  • After you have entered answers for your questions then click on “ Answer key” where you can see in left corner in your screen in this area you can set correct answer for your question
  • If your students have answered correctly you can also set points for them we tell you how you have to click on up and down arrow icons where you can see in top right corner in your answer key side.
  • There is also an option for feedback where you can say about your opinion this for students
  • There is an option called preview where you can see at the top of the screen by using it you can test your quiz which is done all correctly by you then answer for everything and click on submit button
  • After you click on submit button you can able to see a window “that reads that your response has been recorded”

How to share your newly created self-grading quiz to your google classroom

 You can also see more customization options in this sharing the quiz with google classroom

  • When your quiz is ready to sent you have to click on send button which is located in top right corner of the blank quiz edit page
  • Next you can able to see “send form” window in your screen there you can able share your quiz through email, link, or other some social media.
  • The work becomes simple when working with email only you have to enter the recipients emails and your students will receive google form quiz in their mailbox
  • By choosing embed option will allow you to embed your quiz form into a website
  • At last by using link sharing type you can share in your google classroom directly. By clicking on link tab you can able to see link for your quiz. Also you can see the option “shorten URL” under it then check the box next to it your URL will be shortened you can copy that URL and share to google classroom


We hope that now you can able to create automatically graded google forms

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