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how to create a poll on facebook

Facebook is an online social platform that helps users to post and share their memories or certain activities that they are doing. It is a place where people can tag their friends or families, add events, or start a new group. You could also give your bio, mentioning your relationship status as well. Worried that you have lost your old school friends’ contact? Don’t worry, Facebook helps you bring back older memories. 

Based on your location, you can be able to search for your friends and the nearby social groups as well as some non-profit organizations. You can create your account for free and share your memories in the timeline.

Steps On How To Create A Poll On Facebook

  • Open your Facebook account
  • At the top of the News Feed, click on + Add to Story
  • Add your desired photo, text or any video that you wish to be polled
  • Click on the square icon on the top right corner of the screen and then click Poll
  • Now, enter the question that you would like to ask
  • Click on Yes or No to change the answers
  • Hit Done option on the top right corner of the screen
  • Finally, click on Share to Story



Facebook is a very popular app. The features that have attracted more people to open an account are:

  • It is very easy to use
  • It is a safe and secure app
  • Once you become a friend with someone, Facebook will notify you when is their birthday. You will be able to send them a birthday card
  • You can start a Watch Party or see other’s Watch Party. Here, you can comment on the videos that your friends are streaming in
  • You have the privacy of displaying your personal details such as age, gender, date of birth and hometown by selecting to whom these contents should be visible. It could be either to the public, your friends, friends of friends or just keep it to yourself
  • Additionally, as a matter of security, you can add a safety guard to your display picture. This will prevent others from taking a screenshot of your display picture
  • You have the option to let know people where you are by ‘Check-in’.
  • Also, you can Go Live and entertain people with the activity that is currently happening in the world or where ever you are
  • For all those music lovers out there, you can see the latest and most popular music this week
  • For those who love to play online games, Facebook will not fail to entertain you in this aspect as well. There is the Facebook Gaming app; wherein you can watch, play and share your favourite games
  • If in case you’re a Sportsperson, you can also keep yourself update about the highlights of the sports – be it of any kind, such as racing, cricket, boxing, hockey, etc.
  • Another good feature is that you can have your Facebook account set to a language that you are comfortable in or even your native language. This will be very easy for you to interact.
  • You can also save videos that you like, so that you could watch it again and enjoy.
  • In case you need assistance and support from the customer care, you can go to the Help and Support option and report the problem you are facing. Certain predefined questions arise more often. If not, you could also raise a new query and Facebook support will contact you at the earliest.

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Facebook is one such app that has become an important part of my life and which I cannot live with. It has such amazing and wonderful features that are also very convenient to use. The most important thing is, you can share photos, stream music, go live, check-in, all in one place – with no additional cost. Yes. It is a completely free app.

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