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How to Control Apple TV with Android Smartphones

Apple TV is a excessive method to enjoy contented on the large screen, then how do you control the experience with an Android device? Whereas Apple does not yield an official TV remote app for the platform, there is a big selection of third-party apps accessible from the Google Play Store; though, do not waste time sorting done the lot on your own. We have particular our favorite option, and we would walk you finished setting it up. You would be binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows and running Apple Music in no time at completely.

How to Control Apple TV with Android Smartphones and Tablets

Step 1: Become your Android smartphone and remain to Play Store.

Step 2: Find for the AnyMote app. If you search a share of similar apps, usage the link AnyMote, or the full name of the app is AnyMote Universal Remote + WiFi Smart Home Control. The app provisions Android 4.0.3 and directly above devices.

Step 3: Here, associate your Android smartphone to the same WiFi network by way of your Apple TV.

How to Control Apple TV with Android Smartphones

Step 4: visit the AnyMote app happening your Android smartphone.

Step 5: If it requests for Privacy Policy and Terms of Use,pick on I agree button.

Step 6: Here, Add a new device screen would appear. Select WiFi Devices.

Step 7: On the next screen, pick the Apple TV (Beta) option.

How to Control Apple TV with Android Smartphones

Step 8: The app would search for nearby Apple TV devices. As soon as it is detected, choose your Apple TV.

Step 9: Here, on your Apple TV, Settin go for settings –> Remote and Devices –> Remote Apps and Devices. For grownup versions, visit Settings –> General –> Remote.

Step 10: Select the AnyMote – Smart Remote option. A pin would appear on your Apple TV. Type the pin on your Android smartphone.

Step 11:  Afterwards, together the AnyMote app and your Apple TV would be paired. You could control your Apple TV with the Android smartphone.

Control on AnyMote App

The AnyMote app has a various UI when related to a conventional Apple TV Remote. If you are enlightened  with the app’s UI, use the under instructions.

On the top, you would have four buttons, HOME, MENU, PLAY, and KEYBOARD.

HOME: Ticking this button would get you to the Apple TV home screen.

MENU: Picking this would go back to the previous menu. Representative Back button function.

PLAY: This is the typical play/pause button.

KEYBOARD: Clicking this would display your smartphone’s keyboard. It is managed for find purposes.

On the bottom, you woulf have the media control buttons. Play/pause, Stop, Forward, and Backward buttons. This is the similar common buttons that you take on media players.

In the center, you would have the OK button and the turning button. If you need to select something, tick the OK button. Usage the turning button to direct complete the Apple TV.

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AnyMote App Issues

However the AnyMote app is measured to effort on Apple TV, occasionally it won’t work. In about situations, you can not control the Apple TV with the AnyMote app. In that case, try the underneath fixes.

  • Ensure that your smartphone is associated to the same WiFi network as that of your Apple TV.
  • Attempt restarting your smartphone and Apple TV.
  • Prepare the pairing process from the jump and try again.

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This is the only method that you could control your Apple TV with Android smartphones. Custom the AnyMote app to control and direct the Apple TV.

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