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How to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone

Instagram is a social network centered everywhere photos and photo sharing, and every time you open the app and browse everywhere at pictures, caches of those photos are saved on your iPhone (or Android for that matter). Although numerous apps uses caches to speed things up and to avoid having to re-download images and data you’ve previously retrieved, the Instagram cache could grow quite large and wind up taking up a lot of storage space on a device.

Method 1: Directly Clear Instagram App Cache on iPhone

The first way, you could directly go to the Settings of Instagram App to clear the cache to free additional space for your iPhone. Now is the detailed technique of clearing Instagram cache.

Steps to Clear Instagram Search History from Instagram App

Step 1 To begins Instagram app on your iPhone device.

Step 2 Pick out on the Profile icon at the lower side.

Step 3 Here pick on Settings icon at the top right corner.

Step 4 Hit Security, search the “Clear Search History” and pick on it.

How to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone

Step 5 hit Clear All > Clear All.

Manually Delete the Instagram Cache on iPhone

  • Difficulty Level: Low
  • Instagram Uninstallation Necessary: Yes
  • Recommendation Level:

There is a fastest method to clear these Instagram caches on your iPhone, that is uninstalling and re-installing Instagram arranged your settings. This is the only method to clear iPhone Instagram caches without the benefit of third-party app.

Step 1 :  Go to Settings App first on your device.

Step 2 : Afterwards,  visit General > iPhone Storage > Swipe down to search the Instagram APP.

Step 3 :Here, you could look the app’s adata and the option to “Delete App“.

Step 4 :Just verify to delete the app and then you will get the cached files removed.


Non only the app caches, but there are also several hidden files and ignored app fragments that could contain your personal information. While you think you have removed them before, they do exist and want some third-party tools to forever delete them. There’s no doubt that removing this data is a great method to keep your privacy and improve your iPhone’s storage.

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