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How to Chromecast Instagram Images and Videos to TV

Influencers on social networks are attractive very general today since of there exclusive content on numerous social networks. That comprises YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Conversation about Instagram it is one of the most widespread social networks in the world. Instagramers make a lot of new and stimulating content daily. But it’s only obtainable on Android and iOS devices, Instagram does not even have Google Chromecast provision. So if you need to cast Instagram to TV, then you are on the correct page.

Steps to Chromecast Instagram from Desktop/laptop

The necessities are Google Chromecast or Google Chromecast Ultra, Smartphone (Android/iPhone), an HDMI cable.

Step 1:  Firstly, ensure that your Google Chromecast device and desktop are associated to a secured Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Go for Chrome browser in your desktop/laptop.

How to Chromecast Instagram Images and Videos to TV

Step 3:  In the Chrome browser, visit the Instagram web application from its official website.

Step 4: Sign in to your Instagram account.

How to Chromecast Instagram Images and Videos to TV

Step 5:  Afterwards logging on, pick the three-dots situated in the top-right corner of the browser screen.

How to Chromecast Instagram Images and Videos to TV

Step 6:  Pick on Cast from the below options. It will make Chrome search nearby devices connected with the same Wi-Fi.

Step 7:  A small tab appears below the heading Cast tab, pick on Sources.

Step 8:  Pick Cast tab, that cast the specific tab to TV.

Step 9:  The name of the Google Chromecast device would be presented in the Cast tab. Pick on to it with the purpose of cast the device to the TV.

Step 10:  As soon as all these steps are performed, the Instagram page would be showed on your TV.

Nowadays choose the images and videos to be shown on the TV.

Steps to Chromecast Instagram by Screen-mirroring

It is an another approach to cast Instagram Images and videos to your big-screen TV by means of Chromecast. Meanwhile there is no Cast option on Instagram, we be disposed to do screen-mirroring.

The requirements are Google Chromecast or Google Chromecast Ultra, Smartphone (Android/iPhone), HDMI port cable, and Google Home application.

Step 1: First and primary, unlock the Chromecast device with TV managing HDMI port.

Step 2:  Go for the Google Home application in your Smartphone (Android/iPhone).

Step 3:  Ensure that your Smartphone and Chromecast devices are associated to the same Wi-Fi. It activates all the supporting device from your TV like Chromecast, Firestick, Google Nest, and Google Home to manage and control home appliances.

Step 4:  Hit on the Chromecast device to which you need to mirror in big screen.

Step 5: Choose on Cast my screen –> Cast screen. Here, your mobile screen would be mirrored on the big screen.

Step 6:  Visit the Instagram application, display the images and videos that you want to cast to the TV.

This method you could also cast Instagram stories and live to TV managing Chromecast.


These are the possible methods by which you could cast Instagram photos and videos to a TV. If you have played any problems although involving Chromecast and Google Home .

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