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How to Charge Apple TV Remote & Check Battery Level

Apple TV is a running device with complete features and customization options. Apple TV remote is the good companion that goes with Apple TV boxes to control Apple TV functions. The remote controller is various from one generation to another. The modern version of Apple TV (4th and 5th generation) was released with Siri permit. Managing some lightning cable that you have for some of your Apple devices. Presently, I have been managing my Apple TV (4th Generation) more often than the other set-top boxes in my collection. The other day I ran into an problems where the new Siri remote was unresponsive – this was the first time I have had this problems. .

The new Siri remote is activated with sensor touch-pad to control your TV functions and play games on Apple TV. Moreover, it has a microphone to find for and access Apple TV content with your voice.

How to Check the Apple TV Remote Battery level?

There is no view that shows or mention the battery level or life on an Apple TV Remote. Thus the only method is that you have to manually prove the battery level managing the Apple TV Settings.

Step1: firstly visit the Apple TV and ensure that the desired Remote controller is paired with your Apple TV. If you are a latest user see how to Pair Apple TV remote.

Step 2: visit the Apple TV home screen, switch to Settings app and open it.

How to Charge Apple TV Remote

Step3: swipe up the settings menu to Remote and Devices option and choose it.

How to Charge Apple TV Remote

Step4: From the Remote and Devices screen, choose Bluetooth option.

Step5: here pick the Remote option, now you could get all your Remote information contains Battery level (Percentage)..

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How to Charge the Apple TV Remote?

To charge the Siri remote, you would want to manage Lightning to USB cable. You could either use the cable that comes with the Apple TV device or your iPhone / iPad.

Step1: To charge your Apple TV remote, first connect one end of the USB cable into the Lightning port on the bottom of the remote.

Step2: Connect the other end of the cable into the USB Power Adapter or USB port on a Mac PC / laptop.

Step3: You could approach the remote once charging. Here you could go to the Remote and Devices menu to prove the battery level.

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To Conclude

Apple TV remote would take up to two and a half hours to get fully charged. Though your remote needs charging, an alert notification would be viewed on your TV. You want to charge the Siri Remote often if you use it for gaming. With this, you could support increase the battery life of an Apple TV remote. Instead of Apple TV Siri remote, you could use Apple TV remote app on the iOS devices to support Apple TV functionalities. If your Apple TV remote is not charging then it might want a repair, and so it is always advised to manage an Apple-certified cable to charge the remote.

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