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How to Change your Profile Picture on YouTube

YouTube is one of the best methods to make money correct from your home. Once managing a YouTube channel, you should usage an appropriate icon that permits your brand, tutorials, Vlogs, and more. By default, YouTube would import the profile picture from the Google account that you manages to design the channel. If you are in find of how to change the YouTube profile picture or icon, now is the guide to show you in detail.

Note: If you have changed the profile picture on your Google account, your YouTube icon would be modified automatically.

How to change your YouTube profile picture/icon using a web browser?

Step(1): Open a web browser and launch a

Step(2): If you are logged out, sign in with your Google account.

Step(3): pick the profile icon on the top right corner.

Step(4): Choose Your Channel.

Step(5): Choose your profile icon and when, pick Edit on the pop-up displayed on the screen.

Step(6): Pick Change on the next screen.

Step(7): choose an photo and pick out Set as profile photo.

Like Changing Channel name, you could simply change profile pictures simply on Youtube as better.

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How to change your YouTube profile picture/icon using mobile?

Once managing the mobile version, you could not change the profile icon on YouTube regularly. Replace to, you want change via designed Google account.

Step(1): Visit the YouTube app on your mobile (Android or iPhone).

Step(2): Pick the profile icon on the top right corner.

Step(3): Pick out Manage your Google Account option situated below your profile name.

How to Change your Profile Picture

Step(4) Hit your profile picture and then, choose Set Profile Photo.

Step(5): If you need to upload a picture from the phone gallery, choose Choose photo. Hit “Take a photo” if you need to take pictures from the camera.

Step(6): Choose the photo and afterwards, set it as your profile picture.

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Our Opinion

Managing a different profile icon is very important to attract more viewers to your YouTube channel. I confidence that, our guide would give you a clear idea to do the same. 

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