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How to Change the Time on Windows 10 Desktop & Laptop

Of all the Windows OS, Windows 10 looks to have got the most customization options. You could change even the simplest of settings like time. Windows 10 would show you the date and time by determining the time zone and format automatically. Whether you need to follow some other country’s time or if your Windows 10 shows a incorrect time, you could change it within the settings. It means you could manually change the time on Windows 10 PC whenever you need. No matter what, you must know the steps to modified the time on Windows 10.

If you prefer changing the time on your PC, there are more methods available.

Change Time on Windows 10 Using Settings

It would let you modified the time on your Windows 10 PC below the Settings section.

Step(1). Hit on the Windows key on the keyboard.

Step(2). Choose Settings (gear icon) just above the gear icon.

How to Change the Time on Windows 10

Step(3). Select Time & Language option on the Setting screen.

How to Change the Time on Windows 10

Step(4). Pick on Date & Time on the following screen.

Step(5). Below the ‘Current data and time‘ section, turn off the slider next to Set time automatically.

Step(6). Pick the Change button.

Step(7). Direct to Time and click on the drop-down icon to select the time in hours and minutes format, respectively. Tap the Change button.

Change Time using Windows 10 Taskbar

As the taskbar of Windows 10 shows the time, you could update the new time right there.

Step(1). Direct to the taskbar and right-click on the clock icon.

Step(2). Choose Adjust date/time between the options.

Step(3). Windows 10 Settings would open, and you have to switch off Set time automatically.

Step(4). Pick on the Change button below Set the date and time manually.

Step(5). In the following window, you should change the time and pick on the Change button to save changes.

Alternative Way – Change Time Zone

You could also change the time on your desktop by changing the Time zone. This would change the current time with the time zone you have chosen.

Right-click on the clock icon on taskbar > choose Adjust date/time > swipe up to Time Zone > pick the drop-down to choose the Time zone. This would change the time automatically.

Change Time Format on Windows 10

If you need to change the time format from 24 hrs to 12 hrs or vice versa, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the time on your taskbar and choose Adjust Date/time.
  2. Pick up Date, time & regional formatting on the right side of the screen.
  3. Below the Regional format data section, select Change data formats.
  4. Remains the Short time & Long time section and change the format.

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Our Opinion

Changing the present time with your preferred time on Windows 10 PC is therefore possible. But this, you could use the Time zone to change the time according to the country or region you need.

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