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How To Change Signature On Outlook in 3 Different Ways

We could easily modify your signature in Outlook permanently by modifying it in the Signatures and Stationary dialog box. 

Another way, you could also change a default signature for a particular email message by choosing a various one from the Signature drop-down menu in the ribbon bar. 

Outlook develops you maintain various signatures that you could use for every email account or for various kinds of correspondence. Insert a signature to your outlook as text, image, or even video and embed it in all your mail. You could also change the signature anytime you wanted on Outlook.

Need to Change Signature on Outlook 

Signature in Outlook is want an identification mark of a brand or person or an organization. They are managed to create the mail even more professional and official. They could be a logo image or video or it could be similar your own signature. It would be inserted in all your mail when it was set to a position in your Outlook.

How to Change Signature on Outlook?

There are three methods to change Signature on outlook.

How to Change Signature on Outlook through Website?

Step(1) :Visit the browser in your desktop

How To Change Signature On Outlook

Step(2): Find for Outlook website and signin to it.

Step(3): pick on the Settings in the top panel of the dashboard

Step(4): Below settings, pick on view all outlook settings from the setting drop-down menu.

Step(5): Choose mail below settings

Step(6): Pick on Compose and reply below mail settings

Step(7) :You could see Email signature in it.

Step(8) : Enter or Insert your signature in the text box given.

Step(9): Prove the box of “Automatically include my signature on a new message that I compose” and “Automatically contain my signature on the message I forward or reply to” afterwards pick the save icon. 

Step(10): Here all the changes would be stored and the signature would be inserted on all your mail.

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How to Change Signature on Outlook using the Smartphone app?

Outlook is one of the greatest email apps for Android and iPhone. You could easily add a signature on it as well.

Step(1): Visit Outlook app in your smartphone.

Step(2): Pick on Outlook menu from the top left corner of the screen.

Step(3): Hit on the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of the slide menu.

Step(4) :Below settings, pick on Signature under Email settings

Step(5): Insert or modify your signature in it.

Step(6): Pick on the tick icon from the top right corner of the screen to store the signature. 

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How to Change Signature on Outlook in Desktop Microsoft Office suite?

Step(1): Launch Outlook in you Desktop PC below Microsoft Office Suite.

Step(2): Here decide on New Email below home.

Step(3): A new mail window starts on your screen.

Step(4): In that New mail window, pick on signature –> Signatures… below messages tab.

Step(5): pick on “New” to add a new signature or choose some existing signature to modify it.

Step(6): Afterward finishing, decide on “Ok” to store changes.  So these are any of the methods to edit signature in outlook. Here change your signature and create your mail format look professional.

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