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How to Change Roku Screensaver [Two Easy Ways]

Roku is a multipurpose streaming media player that has approach to almost each service out there. And there is about customization you could do to the user interface. For instance, you could change the theme on your Roku.

And additional thing you could do that you capacity not know about is making your individual custom screensavers. You could do this by means of the Roku app and the group of photos on your phone. Now is a look at how it is done.

For screensaver, you could use either the made-in images on Roku Store or the pictures that you kept locally on your smartphones. To manage your offline pictures as a screensaver, you want to use the Roku mobile app.

How to Change Screensaver on Roku

Step 1 : Go the Home screen of your Roku device.

How to Change Roku Screensaver

Step 2 : Choose the Settings option.

Step 3 : On the Settings menu, select the Screensaver option.

How to Change Roku Screensaver

Step 4 : Select the image that you need to use as a screensaver.

Step 5 : Pick the Preview button to see a hint of how the screensaver will appear.

How to Change Roku Screensaver

Step 6 : If you need, you could click Custom settings to create some changes in the image.

Step 7 : Once you are done with it, click the OK button to usual the screensaver.

For more screensavers, you could install screensaver apps like Fireflies Screensaver Free, Ouroborealis, and Beauty wild nature since the Roku Channel Store. These apps would have a share of [HS1] images that could be used as a screensaver.

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How to Use Custom Images as Screensaver

Step 1 :  Install the Roku mobile app since the Play Store or App Store and pair the app through your Roku device

Step 2 : Move to the Media section and then choose Screensaver.

Step 3 : Pick the Get Started button proceeding the next screen.

Step 4 : If it requests for permission to read your photos and videos, press the Give Access button.

Step 5 : Go for an image or images that you need to use as screensaver and click Next.

Step 6 : Here, pick out the Style and Time for your screensaver.

Step 7: If you are complete with it, click the Set Screensaver button.

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End Note

These are the two methods that you could approach to change the Roku Screensaver. Indicate from the made-in images or your offline gallery by way of your screensaver.

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