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How to Change Profile Picture on Outlook in a Minute

Microsoft has thrown a free Email and calendar application called Outlook. It is only a Personal Information Manager. Journal Logging, Web Browsing, Task Managing, Contact Managing are all additional usages of the Outlook. Individual and Corporate accounts  be created using Outlook. You can customize your profile at your convenience. You could variation the profile picture on Outlook in a very simple method.

How to Change Profile Picture on Outlook?

Step 1: Go to Outlook Website. Before you could search the “Sign in” option on the top right corner. pick on it.

Step 2 : You would be attentive to the log-in window. Type your Email or Phone Number and pick Next.

Step 3 : Here type your Password and at that time click Sign in.

How to Change Profile Picture on Outlook

Step 4: On the top right corner, you can find a miniature of your profile picture. Pick the image to visit your Profile Page.

How to Change Profile Picture on Outlook

In your Profile Page, you could search  your profile picture below which you could look an option called “Change Photo“.Pick on it.

Step 5: There you could search your Profile Picture below which you will have an option called “New Picture” switch to it.

How to Change Profile Picture on Outlook

Step 6 : Begin the folder in which you stored your new picture and select the picture the pick Open.

Step 7 : Here and now you could crop the picture giving to your convenience and drag and suitable the image.

Step 8 : Then  click “Save” to excluding your new Profile Picture.

Step  9: Here the new picture would seem on your profile which would be there until you modification.

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Final Words : How to Change Profile Picture on Outlook above way could be used in somewhat web browser and also in Android mobile application through minor variations. Nevertheless then the means might modification with the approaching updates. And this above article steps will help you to change your photo on outlook. Thank you.

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