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How to Change Privacy Settings on Twitter

To unsecured your Tweets, follow the given instructions: For web, unselect the box move to Protect my Tweets.

Like all the another social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has full-featured privacy settings. You could modify them in any method you need. You could select a private or public profile, switch on/off personalized mentions, and so on.

How to Change Privacy Settings on Twitter?

Step(1): Launch the Twitter app on your smartphone.

How to Change Privacy Settings on Twitter

Step(2): Pick out the three-lined icon on the top left corner of the screen.

Step(3): Hit on the Settings and privacy option.

Step(4) :Here, pick the Privacy and safety feature.

How to Change Privacy Settings on Twitter

Step(5): switch on the Protect your Tweets toggle. This would permit only your current followers to see your tweet. If somebody needs to follow you, you would receive an approval ask. Upon accepting, he\she could follow you.

Step(6): pick out Photo tagging. Three options would display. We mention to set it on Only people you follow could tag you. If you need, you could turn it off.

Step(7): Pick the Direct Messages option. Switch on Receive message requests toggle. This would send you a message ask each time when somebody texts you. Upon accepting the request, you could reply to them.

Step(8): swipe up a bit and hit on the Discoverability and contacts. Switch off the email address option and phone number option for goto privacy. This would hide your Twitter profile from your mail contacts and phone contacts.

Step(9): In the Safety option, you could turn on/off sensitive contents, add or remove blocked & muted profiles, and insert or delete muted words.

Step(10): Here, hit on Precise Location. Switch off the Precise location toggle. This will stop ads and mentioned based on your GPS location.

Step(11): After wards the last one, Personalisation and data feature. This would show ads, recommendations, common profiles, contents that are equal to your Twitter activity. Switch off the toggle on the top to end all the recommendations.

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These are the privacy settings on Twitter that you could change regarding to your preferences. Activate the necessary features and disconnect all the unwanted settings to create your Twitter profile clean. 

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