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How to Change Password on Outlook in 3 Different Ways

Changing your Outlook passwords on a even basis is compulsory these days due to the growing incidents of data breaches. Security professionals mention changing your password every 30, 60 or 90 days. Most of the offices about the globe follow this proposal and request their employees to fulfil with it.

But, not everybody is an skilled in changing their passwords, as about employees do not have enough knowledge of Outlook, and others do not know sufficient time to do the identical. Therefore, in this blog post, we are successful to discuss techniques to change MS Outlook password as Outlook is the most favored and important email client about the globe.

How to Change Password on Outlook?

Here are the three various methods to change password on Outlook:

  • Using the Outlook for Windows
  • Using the Outlook for Mac
  • In

How to Change Password on Outlook in Windows application?

Step 1 :  Visit the Outlook app on your Windows PC.

Step 2 : Go to File and select the Account Settings option.

How to Change Password on Outlook

Step 3 : On the drop-down menu, choose the Account Settings option again.

Note: If you are a Microsoft 365 monthly subscriber go to see File –> Account Settings –> Update Password

Step 4: All your email account that is related with the Outlook will seem. Indicate the email that you need to update the password.

Step 5 : The Change Account window would appear. Type the new password and pick the Next button. The password would be updated.

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How to Change Password on Outlook in Mac application?

Step 1 : Go to the Outlook application on your Mac PC.

Step 2 :  Pick the Outlook button on the top and select the Preferences option.

Step 3 :  On the Outlook Preferences screen, pick the Account option.

Step 4 : The list of email accounts would seem. Select the account that you need to change the password.

Step 5 : Type the new password and close the window. The password would be updated.

How to Change Password on Outlook on the website?

Step 1 : To start any of the web browsers you have and visit Microsoft’s Security Page and sign in with your account.

Step 2 : Pick on the Password security menu.

Step 3 :  Type the current password and the new password in the specified area. Pick the Save button to update the password.

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These are the three methods that you could change your new password. To avoid being managed, use a strong password which contains characters and numbers in chance order. Update your password at any rate when each three months.

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