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How to change password on linux

How to change password on Linux is one of the many different types of operating systems that mainly focuses on C and Assembly language. It is an open-source, meaning that anyone on the internet can make use of it. Its function is quite similar to UNIX. The earlier versions of Linux were not so user friendly. But now, it is one among the world-famous operating systems. Many programmers can make use of Linux to customize their own programs. It has now become the backbone of popular operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, etc.

One of the mind-blowing feature of Linux is that a Linux based server could run non-stop without reboot for years on end. It is very user friendly; you just need to have a little basic computer and programming knowledge.


If you wish to change your password on Linux, please follow the steps as given below:

How to change password on linux
  • Remember, only Linux administrator or the sysadmin will be able to change the password for all the users on the server
  • Initially, sign, ‘su’ or ‘sudo’ to the root account on Linux
  • Hit Run: sudo 4
  • Then type password, followed by the user’s name, in order to change the password for that particular user
  • Now, the system itself will ask you to re-enter the password for confirmation
  • Now, your password is changed and from the next time onwards, you will be able to enter your account with the new password.

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Some of the amazing features of Linux are as follows:

  • It is famous among programmers and regular computer users around the world
  • It offers a free operating system
  • Being open-source, anyone with programming knowledge can modify it
  • The Linux operating systems now offer millions of programs or applications to choose from, most of them for free
  • Once you have Linux installed, you no longer need an antivirus
  • And highly secured and trustworthy operating system
  • It is preferred by many organizations due to its stability and reliability
  • It is customizable and user friendly

Tips For Linus Users


As already said before, Linux is one of the fastest and most popular apps that is available for free on the internet today. You just need to have basic programming language in order to get used to the Linux operating system. Many of the organizations and programmers are now switching over to the Linux operating system. The main reason is due to its user-friendly feature that no other operating systems provide.

I have been working on the Linux operating system for the past 2 years. I would love to suggest to you all that it is by far the best operating systems that I have used in all my life. I would also recommend you all to try this operating system and I am damn sure that you all will start liking its amazing and wonderful features.

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