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How to Change Online Status on Discord [2 Different Ways]

Discord permits the users to set an online status for another users to look like another messaging services. Discord status displayed whether the user is busy or AFK. The discord status could be modified on the Discord website through the desktop application for Windows or Mac, or on the Mobile app for Android, iPhone, or iPad. The process below would help you how to change the discord online status.


First and foremost, log in to your account on the Discord website by typing the login credentials.

Your Discord status is worldwide, so your updated message would appear to everyone on all the Discord serves you have joined.

How to Change the Discord Online Status on Windows or Mac?

Following are the process to change the online status on Discord.

Step[1] To begins the Discord website or desktop application and then log in to the account.

Step[2] pick the profile icon to start the list of accessible statuses.

How to Change Online Status on Discord

Step[3] You would be capable to see four preset statuses by default.

Step[4] pick the option you wish to change Discord status world wide.

Step[5] Furthermore, hit the Discord channel list and then pick the option ‘Set a Custom status’ to create the status.

How to Change Online Status on Discord

Step[6] afterwards hit on the Clear After drop-down menu to decide and set the time frame of the custom status message.

Step[7] pick Save when you are done.

Your status is here changed on your Discord using the web portal.

How to Change Discord status on Android, iPhone, or iPad?

It is here possible to modified the status of the discord mobile application on Android, iPhone, or iPad.

 Following are the process to change the status.

Step[1] initially, open the Server and channel list by tapping the hamburger menu at the top left of your screen.

Step[2] pick the User profile icon at the bottom right and then hit on the User Setting menu.

Step[3] hit on the Set status option. You would be able to personalize your Discord account as well as could capable to set a new status.

How to Edit or Clear the status?

Step[1] To modified the custom status

First, pick on the profile picture at the bottom left of your application.

Pick on the Custom status to edit the status.

Step[2] Clear the Custom status

Pick the profile picture and afterwards hit on the X icon to the right of the custom status.

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The above are the processes to edit, erase or change the Discord status. With the above proceeds, you could change your Discord status on your PC and smartphone.

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