How to Change Notification Sound on Apple Watch

Apple Watch is the best vesture to monitor one’s own health and workout activity. It is the greatest advanced smartwatch and available in a inclusive range of styles. With the watchOS, you would be capable to track your heart rate, core fitness, miles covered, and more. To take benefit of watchOS to the completest, you essential to pair it with the iPhone. With this, you can customize the Apple Watch and how you obtain sounds, notifications, etc. If you ever need to know how to change the notification sound on Apple Watch, you necessity yield a closer look at the section under.

Note: Apple Watch OS would let you change when you need to get signals and how loud the alert is. Currently, you could not change how it sounds.

How to Change Notification Sound on Apple Watch?

If you need to adjust the notification sound on your Apple Watch, then the steps given under will help you out.

Adjust Volume

Step(1). To start the Settings app and then hit Sounds & Haptics.

Step(2). Push the volume down/up button to decrease or increase the volume.

Alternative: You could also use the slider on screen or the Digital Crown.

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Manage Haptic Alerts

Step(1). Visit Settings on your Apple Watch and then select Sounds & Haptics.

Step(2). Hit on or off Haptic Alerts.

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Taptic Chimes

If you need to track time without chimes, then

Step(1). To start  the Settings app.

Step(2). Swipe to choose Accessibility.

Step(3). Next swipe down to pick on Chimes.

Step(4). Switch on Chimes.

Step(5). Push Schedule and select the time interval for the Chimes to play.

Step(6). Lately, hit Sounds to change chime to Birds or Bells. This method, you could change the notification sound on Apple Watch.

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How to Mute Apple Watch

Step(1). To mute your Apple Watch, touch and hold the bottom of the watch face.

Step(2). On the Control Center, scroll down to choose Silent Mode.

Manage DnD

Step(1). To start Control Center by pressing and holding the bottom of the watch face.

Step(2). Push the Do Not Disturb button.

Step(3). Select between On, On for 1 hour, and On until this evening.

Steps to Change How you Get Notifications on Apple Watch

Step (1). Firstly, you should touch and hold the top of the Apple Watch.

Step (2). Once Notification Center seems, you must swipe down.

Step (3). Scroll left on a notification to decide on the More button.

Step (4). hit on Deliver Quietly option if you do not need to receive haptic alerts.

Step(5). If you desire not to get notifications for an app, before press Turn Off.

Note: Well along, if you prefer to receive the notification, support the same steps, and choose Deliver Prominently instead of Deliver Quietly.

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How to Customize Notification Settings using iPhone

Step (1). To start the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Step (2). Hit on the My Watch tab to choose Notifications.

Step (3). Choose an app to which you need to customize notification settings.

Step (4). You could choose between options like Allow Notifications, Send to Notification Center, and Notifications Off.

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Our Opinion

Enough for about how to change notification sound on Apple Watch. While you cannot sound, you could still customize how you get alerts and how loud the alert is for today.

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