How to change language in knockout city

Knockout city is a famous video game which was developed by velan studios and it was publishes by EA. You can see this title in platforms like PC, PS4, Xbox one and nintendo switch platform. People has rated high also players were facing difficulty in changing language. So in this guide let us see How to change language in knockout city.

Players cannot able to change language we think that it is based upon their preference in the game. Due to only this reason people start irritating why because they cannot able to read what is showing in the game if you also one of them then guys this article is for you

Before starting one important note for the EA origin client users you cannot able to change language due to some reasons. You cannot able to anything guys but you can wait until developer release a patch update to fix. Below guide for the users who have downloaded this knockout game through steam platform

  • At first you have to open steam client in your pc
  • Next go to library and then click on knockout city
  • Then you have to click on manage which is verwalten in german
  • Then just select properties which is eigenschaften in german
  • Then just click on language and then select and set it to English
  • Finally done then restart your game to apply changes that we have done


We hope this guide will be useful for you if not please comment us in below section. We hope now you learned how to change language in knockout city. Also solved for change language in outriders

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