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How to Change Gmail Password using Android, iPhone & PC

Gmail is the most managed emailing service around the world. Apart from sending and receiving emails, Gmail account is managed as a signin to use your Android smartphones and tablets. You could use all the G-suit apps containing Google Drive, Photos, Notes, and much more, and sync it with your Google account. Thus you perform plenty of activities with your Gmail, it is although wants to change your password on a timely basis. It is always mentioned to change your Gmail password while in a while to secure your account.

How to Change Gmail Password?

Changing your Gmail password is easy and straightforward, despite the device you are using. You could change your Gmail password using,

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Computer

How to Change Gmail Password on Android?

Step(1) To start  the Settings app on your Android.

Step(2) swipe up to Google option and hit on it.

Step(3) Hit Manage your Google Account option situated under your Profile picture.

How to Change Gmail Password

Step(4) here hit on the Menu icon (three-line icon) at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step(5) choose Security option afterwards

Step(6) Afterwards, hit on Password option below Signing in to Google section.

How to Change Gmail Password

Step(7) A confirmation screen would appear. Type your current password and tap Next.

Step(8) Here Type New password in the appropriate field and hit Change Password.

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How to Change Gmail Password on iOS?

Changing the Gmail password on iPhone or iPad is totally various from Android. You could reset your password using Gmail app on the iOS device.

Step(1) To begin the Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step(2) Hit the Menu icon (three line icon).

Step(3) Choose Settings and select the account for which you need to change the password.

Step(4) Hit on Manage your Google Account.

Step(5) Afterwards, hit Personal info tab at the top of the screen.

Step(6) Pick on Password option below your Profile.

Step(7) here type your New password and then hit Change Password option.

Here your Gmail account password is successfully changed.

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How to Change Gmail Password on Computer?

Step(1) To start the browser and open the Gmail.

Step(2) Log in to your Gmail account.

Step(3) Remain over your Profile icon and click on it.

Step(4) pick on Manage your Google Account option.

Step(5) Google Account screen would open on a new tab, pick the Password option below the security tab.

Step(6) here type your current password and click Next.

Step(7) A Password screen would open. Type your New password and before again type the same password in the confirmation field.

Step(8) Finally, click on Change Password to reset your old password with a new one.

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Our Opinion

By following the above ways, you could change your Gmail password simply. Changing the password is one of the most significant actions to safe your security and privacy. If you search anyone is using your Google account, before change your password and sign out of other devices to secure your account.

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