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How to Change Font Size on Windows 10 Computers

All the Windows 10 computers and laptops feature the knowledge to modify the font size. Once viewing a website, document, or anything on your computer, the first thing that strikes your mind would be the text size. If the text size is too long or too small, the users might search it various to view that page or document. Since, it is advisable to manage the proper font size on Windows 10 computers and other electronic devices. Once the default font setting in Windows 10 might be applicable for any people, others might prefer to create the text on their computer screen larger or smaller. 

How to Change the Font Size on Windows 10

Step1: To begin with, pick on the Start menu.

How to Change Font Size on Windows 10

Step2: pick the Settings option.

How to Change Font Size on Windows 10

Step3: Windows Settings would open on the screen. Here choose the Ease of Access option.

How to Change Font Size on Windows 10

Step4: pick the Display option on the left pane.

Step5: switch to the Make Text bigger section and drag the slider to the appropriate size that you need.

How to Change Font Size on Windows 10

By default it would appear on 100%. You could drag it upto 250%.

Step6: while you fixed the size, pick Apply.

Step7: It would immediately modify the font size throughout your device.

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How to Make Everything Bigger?

Apart from the font, if you need to make everything bigger, remain to the Make Everything Bigger option and select the required size. You could select from four different options: 100% mentioned, 125%, 150%, and 175%. It would result in enlarging the size of text, images, icons, and every one on your Windows 10 device.

Another, you could also create things bigger by switching to Settings > System > Under the Scale and layout section, select the size that you need.

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How to Change Font Size on Windows 8

On your Windows 8 PC or laptop, the text size could be modify directly from the Personalization settings.

Step1: power on your Windows 8 device and drag the mouse pointer to the top right corner.

Step2: pick out the Settings option.

Step3: below the settings, choose Personalization.

Step4: On the Personalization screen, choose the Display option at the lower-left corner.

Step5: To modify the size of every one around your Windows 8 device, pick on Customize size option and afterwards  select the Text size.

Step6: A pop up would appear on the screen. Now select either Sing out now or sing out later. You would want to log out and log in again to apply the changes.

Step7: If you need to modify the size of the text, choose the particularly item and text size from the drop-down list.

Step8: pick Apply to view the change on your chosen item.

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How to Change Font Size on Windows 10 if the modifies are not applied, you would want to check for Windows updates. If accessible update the firmware to the modern version.

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