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How to Change DNS on Android Smartphones and Tablets

Just put, your DNS (domain name system) permits your to happy surf the internet and easily search sites like with wanting to remember an IP address. Altering your DNS server could proposal some aids to you and your device. People have famous enhanced speed and reliability, and could also get into geolocked websites and outmanoeuvre content filters. Therefore, if you are interested in testing this out on your Android phone or tablet keep reading.

What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System) is a designation system for the internet. The key function of the DNS is to change the domain names into IP addresses so that it could be retrieved over computers and smartphones.

The problem with the built-in DNS service is that it would take more time to convert the domain name into an IP address. In about basic Android devices, it is less protected. To avoid those problems, you essential to change the DNS on your Android smartphone yourself.

Available DNS Services

Once changing the DNS, you essential to what are the services obtainable. Exact now, only two DNS services are obtainable.

  • & (Google)
  • & (OpenDNS)

Both are dependable and fast. You could choose someone from the two.

How to Change DNS on Android Smartphones?

In the manual technique, you would have the limitation. You can not alteration the DNS service of your SIM carrier. You want to root your smartphone to do that. But, you could variation the DNS when the device is associated to a WiFi network.

Step 1: Ensure that your Android smartphone is associated to a WiFi network.

Step 2: To begin Settings on your smartphone and go for WiFi settings.

How to Change DNS on Android

Step 3:  Choose the WiFi network that you are associated to.

Step 4: Swipe down and hit on the IP settings option.

Step 5: Modify it from DHCP to Static.

Step 6: Here, you would get some added options. Alteration the DNS 1 and DNS 2 to any of above  recommended IP.

Step 7:  Pick the Tick icon on the top right of the screen.

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End note

You have effectively changed the DNS on your Android. Nowadays, you would get a faster internet with a protected connection. If are ready to root your Andriod, you are free to alteration the DNS for your SIM carrier.

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