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How to Change Background on Gmail in 2 Different Ways

Although millions of people have liked Gmail meanwhile its launch in 2004, its arrival is not the greatest beautiful. Structures like inbox tabs, filters, and find look a lot better when they  are not viewing on a tedious white background.

Appreciatively, you could customize Gmail’s aspect with themes, backgrounds, and additional.

How to Change Background on Gmail?

Step 1 :  Visit  any of the web browsers you have on your PC and launch your Gmail account.

Step 2 : Pick the Settings icon on the top right of the screen.

How to Change Background on Gmail

Step 3 :  Swipe up a bit and pick the Themes option.

How to Change Background on Gmail

Step 4 : Here, you would get Pick your theme dialog box. select the theme of your preferences.

How to Change Background on Gmail

Step 5 :  It would take around time to load the theme.

Step 6: Next the loading is finished, pick the Save button.

Step 7: If the theme is not useful, refresh your Gmail page. The new theme would be everyday.

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How to Use Personal Photo as Gmail Background?

If you are comparable the made-in themes, you could select any picture from your Google Photos library. To do so,

Step 1: Pick the My Photos button on the click your theme dialog box.

Step 2: Here, all your Google Photos would seem with folders.

Step 3: Go to see the folder and select your background image.

Step 4: Pick the Save button. The new theme would be applied.

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These are the two methods that you variation the change background on the Gmail account. Usage the customized image or your personal photo by way of your Gmail background and variety your mailbox colorful. Share your comments below on Facebook or any social media we will help you.

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