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How to cancel twitch prime

Twitch Prime is one of the exclusive benefits and an awesome experience that is a part of the Twitch, which you can get along with Amazon Prime. Some of the advantages which you are entitled to avail with Twitch Prime is that you can get a subscription to free additional channels each month and the best part is that it is absolutely free, also with no hidden charges. You can also link your Twitch Prime account with your Amazon Prime account and get connected.

Nowadays, Twitch Prime is becoming more and more popular with their amazing and wonderful features. Many people, especially those love to play games, are switching over to Twitch Prime.


If you wish to cancel your Twitch prime account and do not know how to do so, please follow the steps as listed below:

  • METHOD 1
  • One of the simplest ways to cancel your Twitch prime account is to just cancel your Amazon Prime account
  • In order to do this, log in to Amazon
  • Click on your account
  • Scroll down to the settings option
  • Select the Manage Prime Membership
  • Now select Cancel Membership


  • If you wish to cancel the trial period of your Twitch prime account, you will have to just click on Prime Membership account
  • Click on End Trial and Benefits that you will be able to find on the bottom left corner of your screen
  • Choose the option End My Benefits And Select Continue to Cancel or Keep My Twitch membership


  • Go to and go to the Subscriptions page
  • Select the subscriptions that you wish to cancel
  • Click on the Settings option that you will be able to find on the top right-hand side of your screen
  • Click on it
  • Here, you will get three options. Choose Don’t Renew Subscription option and you will not be charged henceforth

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Some of the features of Twitch Prime are as listed below:

  • It does not include any advertisements in between your viewing experience. You can watch contents in Twitch Prime uninterruptedly
  • You can subscribe to any channel as per your wish to get it free for a month
  • If you are a member of the Twitch Prime account, you can get access to game contents that are absolutely free of cost and no hidden charges
  • And many new emoticons that adds more fun to your gaming
  • There is also a new Prime Chat Badge
  • There are many new updates that you will be able to get on a frequent basis

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Twitch Prime is gaining more and more popularity among the youngsters these days as they are bringing in new and interactive features that help you in playing games with your family and friends. They have linked Amazon with Twitch Prime which is one of the best features that anyone could ask for.

To be honest, I have been using Twitch Prime for the last 4 years and I would frankly say that there have not been any other gaming applications that could beat the features that Twitch Prime can offer. I would suggest you to subscribe to Twitch Prime account and enjoy their amazing features. Please do not miss these gifts in your lives!

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