How to boost FPS on skyrim special edition

The elder scrolls v this skyrim special edition is one of the most famous RPG’s which was introduced by Bethesda in 2016. This game is available in platforms like pc, xbox, play station 4 , Nintendo even though many players were facing issue a lower frame rate count while playing. If you also facing this issue then we suggest you to follow them to how to boost FPS skyrim special edition

By having low FPS count if affects your game while playing take it easy many players were facing this issue it becomes common. Even though they were using recommended pc configuration this game do not hold the 60 FPS mark consistently.

At this time this issue will affect your graphics. Let us see how to boost FPS on skyrim special edition

Fix: 1 updating your graphics driver

By updating your graphics driver regularly in your windows it will be helpful while your performing tasks and also it fix for bugs and improves stability now let us see how to do

  • At first press window + x it will open for quick start menu
  • Next from the number of list click on device manager
  • Then double click on the adapter and expand it
  • Then on your current graphics card right click then choose update driver and then select for search automatically for drivers.
  • If it recognize for any updates then it automatically go to download and install
  • Finally reboot your pc

Fix 2: adjust in- game graphics settings

By adjusting in-game graphics settings it will increase frame rate cap higher than your default settings. Also some of the options was not useful for you then you can turn off it or set as low or medium as per your wish.

  • DISABLE TAA- by doing this it will improve your image quality in your game. Instead of it you can also use FXAA or you can check which is better by enabling both option then go for which is better
  • WINDOW MODE- if you are feeling that your graphics is running low then you can use window mode. Also the issue may cause by setting full screen or full screen borderless mode

Also we tell you options how to set follow this try opening skyrim special edition and then go to advanced option there set as following

Set your shadow quality as medium

Set your shadow distance as medium

Set your godrays quality as turn off

Set your object detail fade as medium

Set your ambient occlusion and reflection as turn off

Set default FOV as 80 and then press ~ and then type fov 80 > and then click enter then type saveini and then click for enter

  • Finally done click esc key

Fix 3 changing power option

If your pc is running in power saving or balanced mode then your pc will use only minimum resources. Switch power plan to work in high let me tell you how to do

  • At first press window + R it will open for run dialog box
  • There type powercfg.cpl and then click ok now it will open power plan
  • There you have to select high

Fix 4 modifying the config file

Directly let us see how to do

  • At first press window + E it will open for file explorer
  • Next go to this pc then open documents then open my games
  • Then go to skyrim special edition folder and open skyrim configuration file by using notepad application
  • Next locate blockframerate and then set the value as zero
  • Then save your file ctrl + s
  • Next go back to skyrim special edition folder then open the skyrimprefs file
  • Then search for ivsyncpresentinterval and set it as 0.
  • Finally save your file.

Fix 5 roll back graphics driver

Let us see how to do

  • At first press window + x it will open for quick start menu
  • Next from the number of list click on device manager
  • Then double click on display adapters to expand
  • Then on your current using graphics adapter right click on it
  • Then from the number of list go to properties and click on driver tab
  • Then click on roll back driver button
  • Wait until your process to finish completely then restart your pc

After done if you can’t able to see roll back driver option in your pc the you have to visit official website then don’t forget to download previous patch update why because to get smooth and stable experience until you update a new patch for your graphics driver

Fix 6 install mods

This is a last fix you can try by download and installing third party skyrim mods where you can check from skyrim SE patch version or skyrim SE engine fixes there are able to boost on skyrim special edition what you think about it


If nothing work for you can just reinstall your skyrim special edition game in your pc then check if error continue. Now hope you have learned about how to boost FPS on skyrim special edition

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