How to Block Ads on Apple TV | 2 Simple Ways

Advertising seems to be a necessary bother on the internet. It remainders the primary way for paying content makers, permitting sites (such as the one you’re reading) to keep away paywalls or subscriptions – then occasionally adverts go too far in terms of interruption and inappropriateness.

Once you acquire the constant barrage of consumerism also much, you would be satisfied to know that it’s enjoyably easy to block ads as soon as using Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Block Ads on Apple TV?

The steps specified underneath would instantly block ads proceeding your Apple TV.

Step 1 : Connect on your Apple TV using remote or Siri.

Step 2 : Direct to Settings and choose General.

Step 3 : Pick on Privacy option.

Step 4 : Below Advertising, hit on Limit Ad Tracking to switch it on.

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Alternative Way!

With the directly above technique, you would still get ads that are not relevant. If you need to block all the ads on Apple tvOS, before it is better to decide on an ad blocker app. Get Adblock TV app on tvOS to watch videos lacking somewhat ads. It is accessible for Apple TV formally at $3.99 and promises ad-free experience 24/7. Thus, you would be able to stream your favorite shows and movies lacking any stoppages. The app does not look to gain positive reviews, and by way of the choices of adblocker apps on Apple TV is actual less, give it a try and agree for yourself.

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Our Opinion

Blocking attention-based ads is meek and handy from Apple TV settings. A share of apps suggestions an ad-free option at a subscription price. In place of paying for the individual apps for an ad-free subscription, tv OS users could pay for Adblock TV. This looks to be an reasonable option to stay not here from all the annoying ads although streaming on your Apple TV.

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