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How To Block a Youtube Channel

Social media has become powerful platform it changes everything it contains both good and bad you can also report it. depends how users uses. Good people communicate in a good manner and bad people will communicate in a bad manner. Please always spread positive and do good to our next generation. Well if you are owner of youtube channel at once you will face badly in comment section.

How To Block a Youtube Channel

If you want to ban any person contact or comments it will continue to spam your channel with sub4sub, or some useless requests, by clicking on ‘Ban’ icon. A pop up window will be open where it shows you that the users has been hidden from the channel. People will not target any one they just spread negativity commonly that may affect us. One and only the best way to handle them is blocking. Here we will tell you how follow us below steps

  • At first open youtube
  • On the search box search for that channel that you have to block
  • You can also select them on your comment section by their negative messages
  • Now click on their avatar it means that person round profile picture
  • Next tap on about tab where you can see flag symbol click on it
How To Block a Youtube Channel
  •  From the menu icon click block user
How To Block a Youtube Channel
  • A pop –up window will show you that if you block the concerned youtube channel they can’t able to comment on your videos.
  • Finally click on confirm to submit

Blocking someone from your smartphone (Android/ios)

You can also block spam user by your android device also here we will tell you how to do. Follow us

  • At first open youtube and on the search box search for the channel that you want to block
  • Then tap on their profile picture where you can see three dotes on top right corner
  • From the small menu you can see for block user click on it
How To Block a Youtube Channel
  • Finally click on block same process you can do in desktop also

Our opinion

This process is simple to do but brings more changes in our life to live peacefully after blocking such idiots. After blocking all their videos will be removed completely. Be calm

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