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How to Backup Contacts from Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Application is an email software managed to send and receive e-mails. You could also use it to manage numerous personal data, as well as contacts, events, tasks, and more. Nowadays, you could not afford to lose even a single contact. Backing up Outlook contacts is a excessive method to keep your contact information safe.

On Outlook, backing up the contacts is nobody but exporting the contacts to the local storage for forthcoming use. You could save the file either in .CSV or .PST format.

How to Backup/Export Contacts from Outlook

[1] To visit the Outlook app and select the File option on the top left corner.

[2] Indicate Open & Export on the left side pane and at that time hit the Import/Export option.

How to Backup Contacts from Microsoft Outlook
[3] Take the option Export to a file and before choose Next.

[4] On the next screen, select Outlook Data File (.pst) and hand-picked Next.

How to Backup Contacts from Microsoft Outlook
[5] You would be requested to select a folder. Choose the Contacts folder and tap Next.

[6] Choose the Browse menu and indicate a location on your computer to save the file.

[7] Type a name for your file, and at that moment click OK.

[8] Pick Finish.and then type a password for your file and click OK to download the file.

How To Export Contacts From Outlook To Excel

The main drawback of the above-declared method is that the exported file is only available finished the Outlook app. It means you could open that .pst file only in the Outlook app. Hereafter, you could export your Outlook contacts in Excel format to view them somewhat time you need.

[1] Track the first three steps mentioned in the above method.

[2] Indicate Comma Separated values.

[3] Select the Contacts folder and pick Next.

[4] Pick Browse and at that time select a location.

[5] Type a file name and click Next.

[6] Pick Finish to export the contacts.

[7] Interval for the contacts to export in the Excel file (CSV format).

Nevertheless of the Outlook version, the way to backup and export the contacts ruins the same.

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