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How to Add Music to Snapchat Snaps or Stories

Snapchat is definitely meant for those interesting social popular out there. It has innumerable features that have later been managing by another social apps. Any of the notable lineups contains the Snap filters, lenses, stories, etc. You would find even more different options when you dig deep into the Snapchat. Most users would have managing the Snapchat camera to record videos. The exciting thing is that you could now add music to Snapchat recordings to create it look creative and personalized. Since, you do not want to be a pro if you need to add music to Snapchat. It is easy as recording a Snap provided if you have a music player app. Whether you have Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, or something more, Snapchat will integrate with the background music.

How to Add Music to Snapchat?

Here is the detailed information on insert music to your Snap. Ensure you have a music app installed on your smartphone in order to add music to the Snap.

Step(1). To open a music player on Android or iOS devices.

Step(2). Browse for a song or find for the track on the music app.

Step(3). Pick on it to start playing and pause it at the time you need.

Step(4). Here, you should go to the apps section to launch the Snapchat app.

Step(5). Though the Camera screen opens up, swipe to open Control Center (iOS) or Notification Center (Android).

Step(6). Pick the Play icon to play the music from the paused time.

Step(7). End the control or notification panel to get back to the Snapchat home screen.

Step(8). Hit & hold the Record button and start recording the Snap between with the music playing in the background.

Step(9). While done with the recording, gently release your finger from the record button.

Step(10). Here, open Control or Notification center and pick on the Pause icon.

Step(11). Get back to Snapchat to watch the preview of the Snap you recorded with music.

Step(12). You could either download it or press the Send button to share it as your story or to someone on Snapchat.

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Our Opinion

You do not have to be a specialist in recording video on Snapchat with background music. It is that simple, easy, and fun with the above review. But ensure your music plays at the right volume so that it would be better audible on the recording.

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