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How to Add Best Private Channels to Roku [2021]

Roku wants no special introduction as it is a well-known streaming media player. It is the choice of millions as it restore the traditional cable TV subscription. There is a Roku product for each one ranging from Roku TV to Roku Stick and Roku Player. It has its own channel save with channels or apps below various categories. Users could stream HD and 4K contents with an uninterrupted internet connection. Although Roku is quite a budget-friendly media player, it has a limited number of official channels. As well as to the authorized channels, Roku also permits private channels. 

A Closer Look at Roku Private Channels

Roku private channels or else called as non-certified channels. They are a part of the Roku channel save but it would be hidden. A channel could be private for various reasons. For example, the channel may be under testing or beta mode, it might have illegal contents, or else violates terms, geo-restrictions in countries like US, UK, etc and conditions of Roku. Such channels could be installed on Roku with a valid channel code. Thus, it would not be available when you browse the Roku Store using your remote. Despite this, Roku displays the warning message as given under and we mention you to be cautious while installing a Roku private channel.

Best Roku Private Channels with Secret Codes

These are the list of the good private channels on Roku from our database (2019 – 2021). Most of these apps are finished free to managed except a few. The list also contains the secret codes along with the private channels for easy access.

  • Creature Cast (nowherebullet)
  • Daily Motion (Dailymotion)
  • Nowhere Bullet (nowherebullet)
  • iTunes Podcast Channel (ITPC)
  • The Nowhere TV (H9DWC)
  • Ace TV (acetv)
  • LodeRunner – LodeRunnerPreview)
  • The Odeon Theater (odeon)
  • Unofficial Twitch (TwitchTV)
  • Wilderness Channel (fl821095)
  • Weather Radar (radar)
  • Goats Live (GoatsLive)
  • Creature Cast (qp9lrr9)
  • Nowhere Tweet (V8MRS)
  • Relax TV (vrqhq)
  • Great Chefs (greatchefs)
  • Home Movies (HomeMovies)
  • Viki (vikiglobaltv)
  • Clikia (clikialive)
  • Anime Classic Radio One (AB2VB7)
  • Atomic TV (atomictv)
  • Suntrix (synctrixbeta)
  • Nowhere Vine (nowherevine)
  • Back From the Grave (BFTG)
  • Red Bull TV (REDBULLTV)
  • Picasa2 (PICASA2)
  • EuroRoku (296XJKP)
  • 3D Crave (QHRD2DX)
  • Donkey Kong (DonkeyKong)
  • Super Stalker (STBEMU)
  • Bloomberg TV (BTVPLUS)
  • KOOL_TV (koolTVmn)
  • FreeJack TV (YQJ5B)
  • The Internet Archive (NMJS5)
  • VideoPodcast Player (vodcast)
  • RokuMovies – zb34ac)
  • Skitter TV (skittertv)
  • Techowns Tip: How to Install & Set Up IPTV on Roku in 2020

Add a Private Channel to Roku

Any private channel wants to be inserted manually on the Roku player. To insert any private channels, you should follow the procedure given below.

What do you need?

Step(1). To start the browser on your PC and go to Roku official web page. (

Step(2). Choose log in option from the top-right corner.

Step(3). Type Email and Password, check-in reCaptcha and click log In button.

Step(4). Visit My Account page after signing into your Roku account.

Step(5). Choose Add a Channel option below Manage Account.

Step(6). Given the Channel code of a particular channel you needed to add to Roku. For instance, typing ace tv would install AceTV on Roku.

Step(7). Hit on Add Channel option on the app info page.

How to Add Best Private Channels to Roku

Step(8). Once prompted, pick on Yes, Add Channel to verify installing it.

Step(9). Delay for a maximum of 24 hours to let Roku add the private channel. Move to Roku Home screen, scroll down to launch and access it.


If you needed to add a private channel instantly, do this

Visit Settings > System > System Update > Check now.

To Remove a Private Channel on Roku,

Step 1: Choose the channel from Roku Home screen, press * button and select the option to remove it.

Step 2: You might select to insert  some of the private channels on Roku streaming stick and get more of entertainment.

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