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How to Add Approximately Equal Symbol on Windows &Mac

Have you always admired how to type about of those special characters that do not look to appear anyplace on the Mac keyboard? For instance, the Apple symbol  or the copyright mark.

Somebody that usages applications for instance Pages would may be  familiar with the Special Characters item in the Edit menu but first we define around easy to mention keyboard shortcuts that could store you considerable time.

The Almost equal symbol is recognized by squiggly equal sign (≈). This sing signifies the two expressions are not quite the same but not exactly equal. There are different methods to add the Approximately equal symbol on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Different Methods to Add Approximately Equal Symbol

Windows keyboard does not comprise the Approximately equal symbol key and hereafter, you could go with the another ways to insert the it

  • Copy and Paste.
  • Using Keyboard shortcut.
  • Using Character Map.
  • From Insert Symbol Dialog box.
  • Using Auto correct option.

Too, take a look at the Common Keyboard Keys which might be valuable for everyone.

How to Add Approximately Equal Symbol by Copy and Paste?

Copy and Paste is the modest and quickest method to insert the Approximately Equal sign on your text. All you want to do is to find for the Approximately Equal on the web, copy and paste it into your document.

How to Add Approximately Equal Symbol on Windows Mac Now is the symbol: ≈

How to Add Approximately Equal Symbol using Keyboard Shortcuts?

This process is also termed as Alt code technique for the reason that you essential to use the Alt key to add the symbol. Push and hold the Alt key keep on  by press the fitting code to add the Approximately Equal Symbol in your text.

Step 1 :  To start with open the Word document, Excel, or PowerPoint on your Windows computer.

Step 2 : Following place the insertion pointer where you need to insert the symbol.

Step 3 : Push and hold the Alt key and press the code 247.

Step 4 : Here release the Alt key. The Approximately Equal Symbol (≈) is inserted to your document.

Note: If you managing Windows Laptop with the numeric keypads hidden inside the remaining alphabetical keys, press the Fn + Number lock key to allow it. Here follow the directly above process to insert Approximately Equal Symbol.

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How to Add Approximately Equal Sign using the Character Map?

Step 1 : Pick the Start button and enter Character Map in the find field.

Step 2 :  Choose the Character map from the find result and open it.

Step 3 :  The Character Map dialog box would open with many options. Swipe up and pick on the Advanced View checkbox.

Step 4 : Enter Almost Equal in the find for test box. An Approximately Equal sign would appear on the Character Map.

Step 5 :  Here click symbol (≈) and next click copy.

Begin the Word document or Excel and paste the Symbol anywhere you need.

How to Add Approximately Equal to Sign using Insert Menu

Step 1 : Initial open the document on your Windows computer.

Step 2 : Pick on Insert menu on the toolbar and pick the Symbols Dropdown option.

Step 3 : Afterwards, click More Symbols and choose SubSet drop down icon.

Step 4 : Swipe up the options and decide on Mathematical Operators from the list.

Step 5 :  It would  view different mathematical symbols, select ≈ symbol, and pick insert to insert the symbol to your text.

Step 6 :  Next, pick Close to end the dialog box.

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How to Add Approximately Equal to Sign using AutoCorrect?

In this way, you would be capable to allot a shortcut to your symbols. On every occasion you enter the shortcut text, the auto-correct option will automatically change the text with the suitable symbol. You could assign any code which is suitable for you and there are no limitations.

Step 1 : Pick the Insert menu in the toolbar and choose symbols drop down option.

Step 2 : Next select Symbols surveyed by pick More symbols option.

Step 3 : Here pick the Subset drop down icon and go for Mathematical Operators option.

Step 4 : Choose the ≈ symbol and pick out the AutoCorrect tab at the bottom of the dialog box.

Step 5 :  It would open the Autocorrect dialog box. Now type the shortcut code (Auto=) for the Symbol in the Replace field and pick Add and at that time click OK.

The Shortcut code (Auto=) for Around Equal Symbol is inserted. After this when you type Auto=, it would automatically change to Approximately Equal Symbol (≈).

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How to Add Approximately Equal Symbol on Mac?

Step 1 : Start the document which you want to insert the symbol.

Step 2 :  Pick on the document where you need to insert the ≈ symbol.

Step 3 :  Here push the Option + X key instantaneously to insert the Add Approximately Equal sign in the text.

You could use this keyboard shortcut How to Add Approximately Equal Symbol on Windows & Mac device.

The above are the most managed methods to add an approximately equal sign on your Windows and Mac devices.

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