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How to Access iCloud Photos on Android

All Apple products are known for giving the larger level of security. It has never failed to give the same level of protection on its services. As a result, a many of its services weren’t reliable with non-Apple devices like Android. Presently, Apple Music is the only official app by Apple to get featured on Google Play Store. However, users come also avail p their iCloud photos and other content on an Android device. Yet this is not quite straightforward, just like using the Photos app on iOS. 

How to Access iCloud Photos on Android

Step(1). To start Google Chrome on your Android device.

Step(2). Pick on the Menu (three vertical dots) and select Desktop Site.

Step(3). On the address bar, enter as and press the search icon.

Step(4). Enter in the Apple ID and press the Right arrow to enter the password. Press the Right arrow again.

How to Access iCloud Photos on Android

Step(5). Finish the two-factor verification by providing the confirmation code you received on your iPhone or some other iOS device.

Step(6). Though prompted, select between Trust, Don’t Trust, and Not here to access iCloud on the Android browser.

Step(7). Here, pick on the Photos app among the iCloud apps on the Android browser.

You could use your computer as an intermediate to transfer photos from iCloud to an Android device. To start a web browser on your PC, follow the steps recommended above, and download the required pictures as if your iCloud account. After stored the images locally, transfer it to your Android device with the use of a USB cable or by using file-sharing apps like Xender.

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View iCloud Photos on Android using MobileTrans

If you need to access iCloud contents without using computer, afterwards use the MobileTrans app. It is a safe app to transfer photos, videos, contacts, and much more from an iCloud account to Android.

Step(1). On your Android phone, to start the MobileTrans app.

Step(2). Choose Import from iCloud option.

Step(3). Though prompted to log in to your iCloud account, provide want details like Apple ID, password, and press the Sign In button.

Step(4). As you want to access images, select the Photos category.

Step(5). Choose the Start Importing option, and the images would be saved on your Android device locally.

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Our Opinion

That’s how you could access iCloud Photos on an Android device. From photos library, you could even upload photos to the iCloud (only on the first method) with the use of the Upload icon. Unhappily, you could not access the Photos app on Android unless you have managed it on your iOS device.

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