Homezon review – Be ready: AMAZON’S Brand New 600b Market Revealed!

Amazon Home Services is upping their game with their Home Services production. It is widely known by now that they have made it their central priority now because it is bringing in huge revenue for their company. That being said, the demand is increasing profusely. But by expanding their Home Services category Amazon will need more of the Home Service Providers as well as more niches.

Unfortunately, they are not the only one who has the same demand. On the hindsight, Home Service Providers are keen to feature on Amazon too. It is one fine opportunity to maximise profit when one gets the opportunity to partner up with Amazon.


Homezon review is a thorough software and system that lets you unlock and yield profit from one of the most profitable Amazon niches, the Home Services. With the close guidance and care given by a Home Service winner, Tommy Mello ($35m a year) you will not suffer from the trial and error method and end up creating a big hole in your pocket. If you get hold of their hack, you get an opportunity to make a destiny using passive income through the same steps that have led to the success of Tommy himself.


Tommy Mello and Simon Warner are the people behind the development of such a powerful system. They are brilliant online workers, possessing tips and tricks to make an impact on the market. This is why people find it easy to believe that their products are not just any add-on tools, they are one of the games changing creations. This time, they have teamed up to launch Homezon, to provide the users with a first to the market opportunity that has been proven, tried and tested to achieve profit-making results.

One of the two, Tommy Mello, is banking on $35m a year and has discovered a top-notch strategy that enabled him to cash in on this money-spinning $600bn industry in such a way that has never been invaded before. The best thing about this tactic is that you can take a piece out of every sale that has been generated without even lifting your finger. This ensures a recurring profit that just keeps growing.


As mentioned before, you will get the highest value out of this product from this offer that will provide you with a chance to discover this in-demand niche successfully. You might be planning to experience this system by yourself, but in case you have any doubt, we are giving you a heads-up to how to get started on with this package.


This gradually preceding system ensures you with a high probability of making a big profit often from this new money-spinning opportunity in a niche market that has a business of $600bn. This data can be trusted as this is the accurate blueprint to follow the footsteps of Tommy Mello and walk the path of his success that he has achieved with Amazon Home Services, bit by bit. It is something that can be followed easily and that can be put to action easily too. This should be inspirational enough to achieve something big just like him. 


This is the ultimate tool that will help you get enormous prospective clients. You can do all of this by simply turning any website into a head gen machine. You can rest assured that this product has been tested and tried multiple times before it comes to you.  This software can help you easily and quickly convert leads into clients with a complete outlook system built-in, providing it to your potential clients to help them revive mind-boggling value that will make their jaws drop. Then they get hit by the tempting Amazon Home Service offers directly to turn those potential customers into high-end clients at once.


You will be provided with a thorough tutorial that will help you earn some valuable lesson and equip yourself with essential tools:

a)    You will get training to find exceptionally good businesses out there and go after them.

b)    You will also learn how to position hundreds of thousands of these dealings in a matter of a few minutes.

c)    You will get to know how to get them set up on Amazon Home Services to get faster results.

d)    Ultimately, you will know how to get them to the top of the Amazon Home Services search engines.


You get to choose one of the two options to take advantage of Homezon review. It has been tested and then concludes that both versions of this product meet the basic demand that one would need to ultimately dig into the niche of Home Services. On the other hand, if one wants to boost up the process and get the money rolling in a much easier process, then they might have to get themselves a prevailing weapon that is- Tommy Mello’s Secret Tool which can be obtained in the Platinum Version only, while you get the Homezon Platinum by paying $30 more than the Gold version.

You might find the prices on a little bit of the expensive side, but the interesting fact is that you will get what you are paying for, meaning it is definitely worth the price. Especially in a situation when you are always protected for 30 days, no nitpick whatsoever with 100 per cent guarantee. This investment comes with zero risks.

In addition to this, if you wish to add more features to your offer, you can place your request through the following OTOs:

OTO1- Template Collection ($37)

You get 13 leading niches out of the box template that you can use to convert any user into a new lead. These are some of the best markets you will ever find that will make closing sales child’s play for you.

OTO2- Client getting traffic package ($67)

  • Complete access to the free scraper tool
  • YouTube traffic training
  • Training in Social media marketing
  • Training in LinkedIn marketing along with that a Leonard affiliated link
  • Training in Email marketing along with a LeadScraper affiliated link


  • LinkedIn marketing with Leonard affiliated link
  • Email marketing with LeadScraper affiliated link

OTO3- Full reputation management system ($297)

OTO4- Fast Track to Success training ($697)

This comes with a live event with Tammy and Tommy, an hour session and a one on one coaching.

downsell- Fast track to success training ($497)

This too includes a live event with Tammy and Tommy, a half an hour on one coaching.

NOTE: If you are planning to buy these OTOs by yourself you might not receive anything. In addition to that this takes some time to process your request for refund. You must have FE to make sure that your product is working fine.


Someone who has the means to make more money time and again should purchase this product. You can earn more with up-sell selling formula package, expert positioning package and client converting package.

Thus, if you belong to any of the categories listed below, then this is a must-have product:

  • Social media marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Bloggers
  • Local consultants
  • E-com store owners
  • Business owners
  • Marketers with product sites, affiliated sites and multiple stores.



This elite live training will give you more power to take your service providers and then convert them into clients at $5,000 a month. With this limited bonus, you will be trained in action on how to leverage the advertising, on which Amazon spends heaps and get your service providers even more work. This will eventually bring you more profit. You will be provided with all the techniques and will be given access to tools which you will up-sell the packages in a way increasing their sales as well as yours. To position you as the ultimate pro that you are and ensure that you look like the type of marketer who can charge $5000 a month for your service and bring in more and more Home Services Providers towards you without doing much.


To flatter your brand new agency website, you will be given all the other materials that are ready-to-go, that you will need to place yourself as the go-to person in case of Home Service Providers. This will cut down your work as it will do all the signing and selling on behalf of you. This will include expert positioning techniques as well as tools. You also get to call to action modules which include exit props and more. Along with these, you get a mini CRM.


Coming to the third bonus that you get, you will be happy to know that all the hard work has been done for you when it comes to changing all your tools from Tommy’s tool into Home Service Providers that will help you in the long run by bringing in the profit. It comes with ready to paste features like flyers, email swipes, LinkedIn messages and many more.


The pros-

  • First and foremost, you have a money-back guarantee that too in 30 days.
  • You get to take advantage of Amazon’s unlimited advertising budget.
  • You get to be associated with a trusted name, which is well known among the customers. Thus, makes a concrete wall to rely on. Trust is important in this business.
  • You will find it to be the most compatible funnel ever.
  • Customers will be happy to spend the triple-digit as they will get worth the prices.
  • Lastly, this product has the biggest “list” of customers that you will ever come across.
  • The cons-
  • Hard to believe, but there is none that we have come across up to this moment.


If we want to rate this product based on the various domains you will see how convenient and useful this product is. It is extremely easy to use as discussed earlier thus get a rating of 9.5 out of 10. The price point although on the verge of little expensive but is worth the money, thus gets a 9.3 out of 10. No-fault could be found while reviewing the product so it will be unfair to not give it the perfect score. The features that this product offers are impeccable so it should be marked high on the scale with 9.7 out of 10. The support it provides is incomparable which is why giving it a rating of 9.5 out of 10 on that is justifiable.  We have discussed the bonuses in brief and it deserves 9.6 out of 10.


Homezon review from Amazon Home Services is a complete system. This is something that you will have a hard time finding in any offer. The best bit is that it will help you take full advantage of the in-demand niche of Amazon which is appreciated widely. This is something you cannot afford to miss, it is an ideal choice. Going by the motto, “Go big or go home”, I’d suggest going with Homezon. You will be able to achieve new and greater heights that you could not reach before. What makes this deal more exciting is its money-back guarantee of 30 days. You get your entire money back if you are not satisfied, but I highly doubt it if you’d ever need it.  This product is worth your time. The time you spend on buying this product will be worthwhile as it is fully protected. If you are convinced by this article then you should waste no more time and straightaway buy this product.

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