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How to Get HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung smart TV users could enhance the streaming experience by inserted HBO Max, a mainly launched running from the HBO network. By installing this app, you could stream all sorts of HBO series, originals, documentaries, and latest movies. With HBO Max on your smart TV, you would get unlimited avail to the epic entertainment contents. The application seems more impressive with a simple interface between with parental controls. Besides online streaming, HBO Max on Samsung TV permits downloading top titles for offline streaming. For a better-personalized streaming experience, HBO Max permits creating five profiles.

HBO Max Pricing

HBO Max provides a 7-day free trial for new customers. Next, you want to pay $14.99/month to access HBO Max contents. HBO NOW billed users could stream HBO Max at no extra cost. You could use the HBO NOW email id and password details to view the HBO Max app’s contents.

How to Get HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV?

The following step is only applicable to Samsung Smart TV models released in 2016 and later.

Step(1). On your Samsung TV remote, push the Smart Hub button.

Step(2). Managed the navigation keys to select Apps.

Step(3). Focus the Search icon to find for HBO Max.

Step(4). Enter HBO Max and push Done to search for the app.

Step(5). Though the find result appears, choose HBO Max to go to its info screen.

Step(6). Choose the Download button.

Step(7). To open HBO Max after the download to start streaming its contents on Samsung smart TV.

Tips – After downloading, it is mention to update the HBO Max app on Samsung Smart TV whenever there is an update accessible. You could also configure the TV to update apps on Samsung Smart TV automatically.

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HBO Max Not Working on Samsung Smart TV – Simple Fixes

If the HBO Max fails to start or load contents, try these fixes

  1. Reboot of your Samsung Smart TV and make sure that it was connected to the internet connection.
  2. Updates Samsung Smart TV (if available).
  3. Make sure that your WiFi connection was stable and do not have any problem.
  4. Clear cache and cookies of the HBO Max app.
  5. Uninstall and re-install the HBO Max app via your TV.
  6. Restoring your Samsung Smart TV.

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Our Opinion

From this, you would have installed HBO Max on Samsung TV. It is significantly to note that this streaming service is accessible only in US and US territories. Thus, those residing outside could create use of a VPN to associate to the HBO Max app. It is advisable to select premium VPNs to bypass the geo-restrictions without some privacy problems.

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