Granny PC Windows7/8/8.1/10 & Mac Free Download

Introduction of Granny

Granny is a horror game that is developed by DVloper. It has very frightening sounds and also soft brutality and blood splatter; hence, it is not good for people who are frightened of ghosts. Your in-game motto is that you need to try to come out from a haunted house that has a granny. She keeps you sheltered in her house and she will not allow you go. At the start, you wake up in a gloomy room, you feel a headache and it feels like someone has strike your head. The flashlight falls on a table is the only thing which illuminates the room.

You must be very careful because Granny focuses on everything and if you fall something on the floor or walk on a scraping floor, she will begin running to the place she heard that echo. There is always another step to run away. You can put out of sight in wardrobes or under beds. She provides you five days to flee from the house but you can get an extra day if you do something for her.

In-game complexity

Practice: Granny is not in present the house, at the moment you can discover the house. But you are entirely free from such difficulties.

Simple: Granny moves slowly. No scraping sound on floors. You obtain an opportunity to get a gratuity day.

Usual: Get an opportunity to obtain a bonus day.

Tough: Granny moves speedily. One additional lock on the main door.

Extreme: Granny moves more rapidly than you. Two additional locks on the main door. The Darker mode is on.

You can open the Nightmare mode. But if you have nightmares, we recommend you not use this mode. Just be careful and have a good luck!

How to download Granny free on PC for Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10

Granny PC

Granny is a multi-platform game. It supports gamers to play on both PC and smartphone. You need to pay a fee to play Granny through PC. It charges just about three dollars. The description for Android and iOS is available for free. However, most people want to play it on PC but they do not want to pay. Thus, there is always a good option. The best solution is that you want to download the APK file of Granny from PC, then install and play it on an Android emulator software. You can download Granny on Microsoft Store on your computer. Though, you have to create a Microsoft account to download for free and this version is only friendly with Windows 10 & Mac. So, the perfect solution is only to download the APK file.

Before moving to the thorough steps to download Granny APK for PC, you must have the skills of APK and why we must use it.

People who are paying attention in video games on PC also care about “granny pc download free” or “granny horror game pc free download”. No need to worry about the story of Microsoft Windows that you are making use just because you can play Granny for free on any Android emulators if you follow our processes.

These days, there are many Android emulators that you can utilize properly such as Nox Player, Droid4X, Memu, BlueStacks and more. In this post, we use Bluestacks to guide you. Other emulators involve the same process to download and install the Granny APK.

After installing an Android emulator that you really like most, allow to the thorough steps to play Granny that is available for free on PC.

Instructions to download Granny APK for PC by BlueStacks

It is very fast and secure when you download the APK files from our website on the Bluestacks browser than downloading right from Google Play Store on Bluestacks. Howeverm Google Play is always pre-installed on any Android emulators; you need to sign in to your Google account to download it. Just need to download APK files from APKTOVI for your information safekeeping. Don’t worry about the update of the game. Our site always uploads the new version of all the apps on Android. It does not show that you cannot download the other versions because we also give you with the new version and store the old versions. You can also come across and download any versions you want. It is an attractive feature of our website.

There are two steps to install an APK file from Bluestacks.

1. Download via a browser in BlueStacks

Granny PC

Step 1: Launch BlueStacks on your PC.

Step 2: From the main interface, tap the More apps to introduce a pop-up menu.

So, tap the Chrome browser to launch Chrome on BlueStacks.

Step 3: Go to our website to download Granny.

Step 4: On the search bar, search for “Granny” and select the best result.

Step 5: Tap the Download APK, you will find a warning that this APK file may harm your phone but no need to worry, tap the Download to continue.

Step 6: Go to the downloaded APK, then click INSTALL.

After installing, you can access the game and begin to play Granny. It is now on the main interface of BlueStacks. And, you can fast open it from the desktop of your computer.

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2. Download from an Internet browser on PC.

Step 1: Launch a browser on your PC and go to our website.

Step 2: Find out “Granny” in the search bar and choose the most effective result.

Step 3: Tap the DOWNLOAD APK.

Step 4: Go to BlueStacks, tap the three vertical dots next to Installed apps and then select Install apk. 

Step 5: A menu will come out. You only find the downloaded APK file location. Then tap it and open and it will be installed on BlueStacks automatically.

Granny PC

How to download Granny without using BlueStacks

When it comes to an Android emulator, people always advise BlueStacks. However, it needs a perfect system for your computer. If your PC has a low system, you can definitely use other Android emulators without BlueStacks such as Nox Player, Droid4X, Memu, and many more.

A thing to keep in mind when playing Granny by using APK file on PC

It is quite tough when controlling the main characters of the game. If you would like to move, make use of W, A, S, D. If you want to browse the characters, you should tap and hold the left mouse and move it to have the characters browsed. It is a little tougher than just playing on mobile.

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Finally, downloading Granny APK for PC is very easy, and you can download and get unique experience the game now.

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