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Google Nest Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting /solution

Google nest users are facing more problems in connection their Wi-Fi discontinues. here tell you Google Nest Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting /solution

How to fix Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting in google Nest?

Check your cables and connection

  • At first you have to secure your connection of your google nest device also check that you have connected the provided Ethernet cable to your modem correctly
Google Nest Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting
  • Make sure that your Wi-Fi router and modem are turned on
  • Make sure that your modem is connected to your internet like cable, DSL, fiber

Restart your modem and router and point(s)

  • simply disconnect the power to all your device
  • this process may take time wait a min also check that indicator lights also turn off from device
  • now connect power to your modem and router wait until lights from device completely turn on
Google Nest Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting
  • after that provide power to your google nest device
  • Finally connect to Wi-Fi and operate google nest device using any of your app.
Google Nest Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting =

Check your configuration

Google nest and google Wi-Fi use DHCP, a common internet connection protocol. If you ISP does not provide DHCP support but requires a different protocol like PPPoE or it uses static IP’s because of this you have to improve your WAN setting.

If you are using nest Wi-Fi router or primary Wi-Fi point through modem then you have to enter PPPoE account name and password. You can do this by accessing google Wi-Fi apps WAN setting page

Google Nest Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting

. Contact your ISP if you don’t know what is PPPoE they will give you required login credentials. If you receive a static IP from your ISP then you have to enter your static IP information in WAN setting. 

Google Nest Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting

Factory reset your Wi-Fi device

Simple method for this problem is disconnecting the power cable totally from all your device. By doing this it drains out the charge, clears any information that saved in. now turn on router /modem and connect your google nest Wi-Fi again . Now you have to make a connection setup newly because you done reset.

Additional router fix

If you have setup with multiple routers and you can access to internet by any of these router without any disturbance. Here we tell you how

  • At first unplug all your device and connect again
  • Now open google home app  and go to Wi-Fi then your Wi-Fi device then points then test mesh
  • Now check that all your routers are connected to main source.

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Here we tell you many fix’s try it all surely any one of it will help you to solve problem.

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