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Google has the ability to do group calls on Duo for web users in the imminent weeks. The feature will primarily even out on Google Chrome and will provide you the ability to find many people simultaneously with the latest layout. Users can add any person to a group video call and welcome users through a joining link. Apart from that, Duo will allow a new Family Mode that will allow users to draw doodles over the call screen with different ways and masks.

Google Duo has ultimately been produced for the Android and iOS devices there, and possibilities are good that you’re already using one of these devices. But if you come about to spend your extra time at your Windows PC or Laptop, and actually choose to do video calls, chats, and stuff from the comfort of your PC chair, then you may want to investigate the possibilities of making Google Duo on your PC.

Google Duo App Features

  • This app has many great features so it is not possible to talk about all of them here so here I only talked about the best.
  • The primary feature is that you can make high-quality video calls that are free for free with this app.
  • Furthermore, you can make us of google duo on pc so of course, you can do it for your office conference calls.
  • By using this app, you can call any person with his number and it’s very fast.
  • If you would like to make the group video call then with this app you can make call up to 8 persons.
  • To do the video call with this app you just need a smooth internet connection.

Hence, these are some great features of the Google duo app and I hope you like it.

Use Google Duo for Web on your PC

Google Duo For PC

Step 1: Go to Google Duo web version in your preferred desktop browser by opening this link.

Step 2: Tap the ‘Try Duo for web’ button in the top right-hand side of your screen.

Note: If you are not signed in, Google will now request you to sign in using a Google ID. When you are signed in, click to the next step.

Step 3: You will now be requested to go into your phone number for verification purposes. Give your correct phone number and the right country code to get a verification code.

Step 4: Give the verification code you obtained by text to verify your Google Duo id.

Step 5: You will now be asked to approve the website permission to send you notifications and permission to make use of your camera and microphone. Approve the required permissions to begin using Google Duo.

Step 6: You will get to the home screen of Google Duo’s web version. Tap the Allow button on the top.

Step 7: Tap the ‘Allow’ button in the pop-up in the top left side of the screen.

Step 8: All your contacts will be full.

Step 9: Tap the contact or number you want to make a video or voice call to.

Step 9: Tap the contact or number you would like to make a video or voice call to.

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Use Google Duo Android app on PC

In this step, we use the Google Duo Android app on your PC, with app player software known as Nox.

Step 1: You can download and install the following software on your Windows & Mac computer:

Nox app player software

Step 2: Access or Run Nox App Player on your PC. When it is full, open the Settings icon in the window control bar (close to Window close, maximize and close button).

Step 3: From Nox settings, allow Root access and allow the program restart.

Step 4: Once Nox starts again, add your Google account as you add it on an Android device. Open Settings > Accounts > Add account.

Step 5: Drag and dive the Google Duo APK you downloaded in Step 1 to the Nox App Player window.

Step 6: You can find a pop-up window, choose the ‘Open APK folder’ option to open the APK file in a file manager on Nox.

Step 7: Tap the Google Duo APK file from the file manager window, scroll to the bottom and strike the Install button to set-up Google Duo on Nox App Player.

Step 8: Once Google Duo installation is done, select ‘Open’ to access the Google Duo App on your PC.

Step 9: Install Google Duo app by verifying your number. Go to the on-screen keys to input your number, otherwise the Next button may not function. In addition, keep your mobile number close as you’ll get verification code by either SMS or by a call. If verification is not sucessful to reach you by SMS, tap the ‘CALL ME’.

Step 10: Once Google Duo is installed, go to the video call button and choose the contact you would like to make a video call to.

Finally, now you can enjoy accessing Google Duo on your PC.

How to make video and audio calls on Google Duo For PC?

As quickly as you access the Google Duo app, the front camera is set off. This can absolutely be loud and certainly taken me by surprise, as most other video chat apps allow the camera (and often even ask permission to do so) only when you start a call.

The app screen is listed into two parts. A bigger part shows your camera is looking. At the bottom is a small part that shows you the latest contact, as well as buttons to make or group or invite users that don’t need Duo to find the app.

How to make video and audio calls on Duo?

Swipe up from the bottom to unlock the complete contact list. You can also make use of the search bar up top to find the person you’re searching for.

Click on a person’s name. You will find the options to make a voice or video call, or record a video or audio message.

If you call any person and they don’t reply, you are then offered the option to track record an audio or video message in its place.

For making a group call, click to the “create a group” button on the main app screen. You can include to eight contacts to the group chat or call.

Only some settings are available throughout a video call. You can get silent yourself or move to the rear-facing camera of the phone. Clicking on the three vertical dots opens up added options such as Portrait mode and Low light. The last is mainly useful if the lighting where you are isn’t perfect, and makes for pretty a bright and clear video.

How to record audio and video messages on Google Duo For PC?

One perfect Duo feature that makes it excels from the multitude is the ability to track record and sends video messages, and even includes fun filters and effects. You can send audio messages also of course, but other apps allow you do that as well. The option to send one is offered to you automatically if someone doesn’t respond your call, or you can make a video message in the first place.

How to send audio and video messages on Google Duo?

Click to a contact name and choose the option to send an audio or video message, or take a note. You can also add images from your device’s photo gallery.

To track a record with a message first, just swipe down on the main screen to start. You can choose the contacts, up to eight, that you would like to send the message to after you is done with recording.

Just, click to the big record button at the bottom of the screen to start. Press it again to stop your recording.

Video messages are where you can apply filters and effects too. The number of effects and filters are limited, but great fun to use. Google also keeps rolling out effects for particular occasions such as Valentine’s Day and birthdays.

Other Google Duo settings and features

Provided the minimalistic nature of Google Duo, there is not plenty of settings and features you have to play around with. There are lots of exciting options though that again makes Duo excels from the packed field of video chat apps.

Google Duo is accessible on all smartphones and tablets working supported versions of Android or iOS, using the similar setup process explained above. However, the latest web version is available for those that want to do calls from a browser. Just to Google Duo Web and sign in.

Furthermore, anyone spent in the Google networks for their smart home requirements will be very eager to understand that you can make use of Duo on smart speakers with a screen. Thus, this means devices such as Google Nest Hub, the Nest Hub Max, the JBL Link View, or the Lenovo Smart Display.

How to set up Google Duo on smart speakers (with a screen)?

Need to make sure that Duo is already connected to the same Google account that is linked to the smart speaker.

Go to the Google Home app on your smartphone.

Choose your smart device.

Click on the Settings (gear icon) logo at the top right corner.

Under “More,” select Duo calling.

Follow the in-app options to end the setup procedure.

That’s whole thing you want to know about how to use Google Duo and everything it has to offer! You can come across more outstanding video chat apps in our roundup, some good

video conference apps for remote workers, and general work from home tips and guides to assist you through this time.

How to Make Video Calls with Google Duo on iPhone & iPad?

Before you start with the process, you’ll have to install the official Google Duo app for your iOS device from the Apple App Store. You just need a correct and working phone number in order to begin using Google Duo on your iPhone and iPad. Google account is optional, however. Now, without further commotion, let’s find a look at the required steps.

Open the Google Duo app on your iPhone or iPad

Google Duo For PC

When you access to the app for the first time, you will be asked to provide Google Duo access to your camera, microphone and contacts for doing video calls. Just click to “Gain access”.

Next, select your country and type a valid phone number. Once you’re done, click to “Next”.

You will get a unique six-digit verification code as an SMS. Enter the code as displayed below.

You’ll now be redirected to the main menu. Here, you can make use of the search bar to find the contact you would like to video call using Google Duo. You can also find persons by typing their phone number. Though, if they’re not on Google Duo, you’ll find the option to greet them to the service.

Once you’ve chosen a contact, click to the “Video call” option to begin the call.

If they’re not receiving the call, you need an option to “Send a video” instead

Once you’ve logged up and started using Google Duo on your iPhone, you will find an option to link your Google account. This allows you to sign in to Google Duo with your email address on multiple devices.

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That’s all you need to do to connect with other users on Google Duo. Pretty easy,

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