Flipaclip For PC Windows7/8/8.1/10 & Mac Free Download

FlipaClip for pc is an ideal app that permits you to put across your creativity or professional skills delightfully by designing your cartoons with animation and exporting them to YouTube or generally sharing. It also lets for making animated GIFs. It acts identical to the old animated cartoons, but with a state-of-the-art touch. Whether you’re doing sketches, storyboards or animations, FlipaClip for windows offers spontaneous tools.

FlipaClip is an amazingly breath-taking app for animation cartoon formation. Top software for sketching animation and craft animation film or video. It will be best for computer OSs like Windows and Mac. It is available for free to download and install but effective. There are many great features to assist you creating animation as you want.

Here a pc software professional will provide you a pen picture. It is like how to download, install and use FlipaClip on Windows PC and Macintosh OS. You can download the Flipaclip for PC from this site. If you want the app check out the benefits and downloading step. Everything is shared here.

Download FlipaClip For PC (Windows 7,8,10/Mac)

You require a supporting emulator first. And allows downloading the software. It is simple to run on a PC than the phone. Thus, check out the method of downloading Flipaclip for PC:

One perfect emulator Bluestacks download the tool. Then open the app and wait until it is done.

Flipaclip For PC
  • Then visit a play store and log in to your Google account.
  • Look for the app on the store and tap the app when you see it.
  • Wait it for a few minutes when download begun.
  • Once the installation is done, begin using.

Why Flipaclip Should be considered?

Take a quick look at the benefits of the new version:

  • It offers lots features and tools that are indispensable for creating animation.
  • Lots of filter that displays a picture variety.
  • Top painting brush, pencil, color, frame and more as demand.
  • After editing it displays the improvement if necessary.
  • Gives the opportunity to share on social media such as facebook, twitter, youtube, and more.

Features of FlipaClip for PC                            

Flipaclip For PC

Different layers

  • Drawing of layers
  • Animation timeframe
  • Frame manager         
  • Tools for drawing
  • Designing of animation videos
  • Sharing of animation videos (YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Instagram)
  • Well-matched with the digital pen
  • Well-matched with Samsung Spen

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How to use FlipaClip for Windows?

Flipaclip is widely used to make an easy animated show. And each animator has its own clandestine. Without any doubt FlipaClip for Mac is highly recommended to use in a large enough tablet to sketch well.

For this part, we will instruct you what the whole thing is for. And how will we perform it? This will make from left, down, right and ultimately the bar above and then what follows.

These are the signs that are like unfinished circles. The initial circle is the “undo” bone undo, and the second is redo clean “Redo.” I believe the word tells you its role.


This copies what you find on a page. And what is below that prevents the tables you have to write with a written paper is the paste : clipboard: You keep in mind what I told you about the role of the copy if you provided a copy to a page, then get into another unfilled page and after that, you pushed the paste. And the similar drawing that you sketched on the page that provided you a copy will come into view on the page that you have a paste.


This is below the paste and is the sign of the two papers with the digit. This has the role of assisting with the sketching you will design for the animation. It’s as if you make to draw animation. It’s as if you would be going to make a normal sketching (this if you make your drawings in layers). For instance, you drew the initial layer, and in the next layer, you sketched. You drew the first layer, and in the next layer, you sketched.

When you enter this sign twice you find a box in this box, there is a bar that tells layer or layer 1. In this similar bar, there is an eye. It lets you to control if you would like the layer to be noticeable or not. And a security device: lock: open: which has the function that if you press it does not allow you to edit the drawing, you’re making. And the three lines are to move the layers to your taste. You go it, leaves the finger pushed in the three lines and moving the finger all at once. And what Layer + tells to the bottom of the block is to include another layer.

Opacity drawing

However, the final box of the bar is so that when you sketch on one page in the other, we leave the similar but it is obvious so you can allow you a guide from the prior drawing.

Paper Bar

This bar lets you to control which page you would like to be where you want to go to: arrow_right:  : page_facing_up:  : arrow_left:. The small arrow at the end of the bar is so that when the pressures take you to the final page and when you go to the last page, vice versa.

Right bar

The first box you make out in the bar on the right is the color modifier. When you launch the drawing by providing the symbol twice an image and a circle will come into view around it. The colors of the picture will come out depending on the color you choose is in the circle. And in the box, you can change how dark you would like the color you use.

The leak: needle: that you find on the right side of the top of the box is for you to select a color that is on the paper.

To the left element of the bottom of the paper make two squares and a plus symbol on top of them. That is for Adds next color palette. You need to visit the app store and everything that meets.

And under that, there are many paintings which we would think as your color palette. Every time you set a color to your liking in the box, press the along with sign that is in the five boxes. The color limit is five.

On the two papers when you do long press them there are many different colors that are in five straight lines known as “Presets” this is how many color palettes you and the program have. You can only get two color palettes of yours because all the others are previously in the program.

Types of Pencils

When you long press the pencil sign, it will appear as you can change the pencil you want. When you launch the four-sided figure that you find at the top of the square, it represents you how to write the pencil you selected.

With this, there are four types of pencils or types of pencils. First of all, you find the eyeliner, and then find the brush, a pencil, and a marker. The first two kinds of Pencils let you to change the size of the pen tip. And the other two let you to change the size of the pen tip and the dullness.

After this is the dice with the dewdrop (Sho I have that name). This cube sketches any space that is blocked. For instance, you create a circle and you dye it with the cube and only the space within the circle will be highlighted.


When you launch the eraser box you can see a rectangle. That rectangle displays you or shows you how you are going to remove the rubber you have changed. Below that there are two rectangles smaller in breadth. These allow you to change the size of the rubber and the smudge.


When you launch the text box you find a rectangle at the top that is the instance of how you find the type of font or letter you selected.

And what is below is for you to select the letter you wish for. Finally, you can see “size.” This shows to the size of the letter. Below you find is the opacity adjustment.

The three boxes with lines that are to the base are to change for which side you would like what you wrote if for the right, left, or centre.

To select the rule, you need to press the pencil sign first so that the rule is available to use.

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FlipaClip for Mac can create animations, you have GIFs, etc. Well, this app gets the tools to animate. For instance, copy and paste the pages, the digital sketching materials, set the speed of the animation to your liking and etc. The professional can also download the app. It is available for professional working and extremely useful. You can download the Flipaclip for PC and start your first move in professional life.

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