How To Fix Valorant VAL 9 Error Code

Valorant is the best games when comes to free online multiplayer it contains different types of features. Riot games has designed with many tactical fast paced gameplay. We got more complaints from the user that they facing error notice “There was an error while connecting to the platform. Restart the client. Valorant error: VAL 9.” Always when the player try connect to play in online. Here we tell you how to fix valorant VAL 9 error code

Check your server status

First and foremost whenever you try to connect your game you have to check your server service. Also visit their official website and check it also you can check on third party down detector website

If you face any problem with server then you have to be panic and wait for about an hour until problem get solved. From our side we can’t do anything.

Check your network connection

Issue may also occur with your internet connection with server connectivity also. To check this issue you have to play another online multiplayer game in your pc by using same network connection

Otherwise you can also just turn off your wifi router and unplug power cable from the router wait and connect it again by doing this it will all unnecessary software or networking cache data from the router

Also instead of using wireless connection use wired Ethernet to reduce ping time to do this your internet connection should be strong

Delete the riot game folder

After check you find there is nothing problem with your internet connection or server then fault may be in your game files it may be corrupted to solve this you have to delete this installed riot games folder from your file  

Just think if you were installed valorant game on your pc c: drive then you can find your game in this following path this pc -> c: -> program data-> riot games. You will see metadata folder, machine.cfg file, RiotClientInstalls.json file inside this folder 

Now keep a backup of this riot games copy to different drive and then delete it. Finally restart your pc


We hope that you have learned about How to fix valorant VAL 9 error code above given information will help you. also solved error

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