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How To Fix Packet Loss in Fortnite

Fortnite is online game so players were facing more errors like freeze, slow loading, poor connection. Here we will tell you how to fix packet loss here we detailed explained for you. Go through

Check epic games server status

It is most important to check epic game server status. Just open the link and check if the all the service operation in green color then no issue occurred all is good. If you have issue with server outage or system wide fault then you can’t able to connect epic game launcher or fortnite until server outage has fixed.

Check fortnite network details

It is another method to check when fortnite packet loss

  • At first open fortnite game and go to lobby screen
  • Next click on menu which is located at the top right corner
  • Then go to settings and click on game UI tab
  • Then turn on net debug stats
  • Finally click on apply

How to identify packet loss (Fix )

Once you are in fortnite match then you can see the information which is located at the top left side of your screen. If you see some red and white lines under your network status then it defines no network loss or packet loss a sold white indicated no white lines and red line indicates packet loss

Check your internet connection

If you see more packet loss then problem must be in internet connection check it first. If you are using VPN service in your pc fortnite will reduce packet loss or slow down slowly but it also increase ping delay.

How to fix packet loss in fortnite

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I hope the above given information will be useful for you. If any doubt comment box below fulfill the columns our team will guide you are share your comments on social medias also.

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